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How Lucasfilm Made ‘Star Wars: Visions’ the Most Ambitious ‘Star Wars’ Project

Masi Oka was game from the beginning, being a huge Star Wars fan; “I was told it was ‘Star Wars’ and they were trying to do something with anime,” he says with a huge smile. “I didn’t need to know about anything else. Count me in.”

At first they were going "Where the hell are we going to air this where it still can be canon?" until Disney+ was created. Though, Lucasfilm wasn't a stickler for canon (See 'The Twins').

Most are animated by different studios with different tones and styles.

Star Wars Visions is on Disney+ In full.


I only saw The Twins but YEAH that is the energy I need from a Star Wars production! Considering how much George Lucas took from Japanese storytelling, it's about time.
Tags: animation, star wars

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