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Jennifer Hough Speaks Out Against Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty's rape victim Jennifer Hough is finally speaking out publicly detailing what happened the night she was assaulted by Petty, and the harassment from Nicki Minaj and her husband, and why she filed a lawsuit against them.

[details inside]She starts out be giving details of the day she was assaulted by Kenneth Petty in 1994 when they were both. I want be summarizing them here so watch the above video if you want for that.

After escaping from the house where the assault took place she ran to her school where the security guard asked her what happened and called the cops. She told the cops the location the assault took place. Petty was still there and was arrested.

About the lies that were spread about her and Petty being in a relationship which were started by Petty's family and 1994 and also by Nicki Minaj on social media a few years ago; she says that she knew Petty from the neighborhood but the were NEVER in a romantic relationship.

About why she tried to drop the charges during the trial; she says that her family was being threatened and although she was not supposed to be in the courtroom during the proceeding originally, she blurted out in front of the judge that she wanted to drop the charges. The judge told her to take it up with the district attorney, who assured her that everything would be fine

Petty plead down to attempted rape and served 4 years in jail with the stipulation that he had to register as a sex offender for life.

In the second part of the interview, she talks about the recently filed harassment lawsuit. She says the harassment started last year when she and her family were contacted by Nicki's people to recant her statement so Petty didn't have to register as a sex offender.

On one occasion, Nicki's associate put $20k in her lap to sign a pre-written recantment which she refused to do. After that the threats started which resulted in Jennifer moving away from her kids several times for her and their safety.

Nicki even called her one time and Jennifer told her that "as a woman, you know this happened, right?". There has been no direct communication between her and Nicki since.

Jennifer and her lawyer say that their goal from the lawsuit is show Nicki that she can't do this; harassing Jennifer and her family and spread lies about her and Petty being in a relationship and that Jennifer was white and spreading the narrative that a white woman was lying about a black man.

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