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Real Housewives of SLC 2.2 "Look, Hodor and Eyebrows, No One is Trying to Hear This" (Recap)

- OP thinks she'll scream laughing at Lisa's delivery of her tag line every week, like sis has got to calm down
- the MLM Philanderers have some family time about how their family time is not together
- "Why you got all this stuff?" oh, he's the mole!
- these closet camera angles, the feds are just rubbings their hands together, they are ready
- Scheming Shah and Fetishist Heather are going to try to make peace
- Seth is now working in Mississippi
- Meredith brings up Scheming Shah's support of shitty tweets about Brooks
- The Pilfering Pastor uses her parishioners money and puts it into renovating her mansion
- gooooooorl, you really picking fights with a 20 years old
- some rich wine moms go shopping for designer items. You wanting "the best" and equating that to luxury items isn't Mormonism, it's Capitalism and for the love of god can Heather can a better storyline than her and the Mormon church, we fucking get it already.
- this family scene with Jennie is kinda boring, appreciate her daughter's cheesy joke. Also, you didn't make that dinner Trader Joe's did
- Lisa wants to be the next Warren Buffett, and The Grinch wants to be the next Betsy Devos
- these rich hoes go to some ice castle to hash it out. She rings out some crocodile tears because she got caught being terrible
- *Erika from RHOBH holding her nose imitating Dorit* Why is Heather so desperate for Jen's friendship?

Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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