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Real Housewives of Potomac 6.11 "Of Course Gizelle Has a Gucci Fiat Because Of Course" (Recap)

- the Gizelle-Karen feud dies every season so it can be reborn!!!!!!!!!
- not sure why the editors don't put any horror music over Mama Dorothy's appearances
- is the stress from yo music video and ya mamma making you edgeless or is it that hairdo? Lowkey and highkey whoever does Pageant Peanut Butter Princess's makeup artist hates ha, like they must run some Monique IG stan account because it's soooooo bad
- also did you have that sofa as your little starter sofa?
- Blu Cantrell 1 takes Grace out in this appalling Gucci Fiat to improve Grace's appalling driving skills. Cameraman survived.
- Mia calls her mom to see about spending some time together
- Daddy Warbucks lays down some ol' head wisdom about relationships and business
- Konniving Kurn "Surry County is Within Me" Huger talks about her distinct 3-wick kandle
- Battle Royale: Professor Chaos's 1-wick Candle. Hold on, that Johns Hopkins, PhD didn't get her no business connections outside of her lawyer husband?
- Her and this bimbofication bidness woman storyline reads as complete bullshit
- Uncle Lump should not be subjected to this prolapsed uterus talk
- We go from 'who's eating emu?' to 'can this direct to clearance DVD film prop up the wobbly table?'
- Embezzled is moving on up to the east siiiiiiiiide to an over budget suburban home in the skkkkkkkkkkkkkky - (maybe)moving on down, over budgeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, we might have to give back the piiiiiiiiiiIiiieeEEeeeeEeeeeeee
- Car Wash Suds Brush Eyelash Candiace has soul but no rhythm
- Ebony and Ivory are fighting again
- what is this weird Daft Punk-V. Stiviano-Gucci x Oakley-you made your own censor bar to save the editors time-contraption on Blu Cantrell 1's face
- the cars didn't make their call time for the video
the Nosy Sugar Baby's crimped hair, icy blue confessional look was that 2000s lewk we were trying achieve back in the day. She look s gorgeous
- and of course Mama Dorothy put down her purse, but she still may be taking out her wallet and she's talking shit. Is it a surprise Candiace is fucking reckless?


Next week: I can't believe some people still watch RHOBH when Potomac has been here.
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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