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This Week's Soap Promos! (September 20th-24th, 2021)

This week (2021.09.20-24) on the US Daytime Soaps...

General Hospital

GH Spoilers

Here comes angry Sonny! MB seems to be super happy about the upcoming story at least. Whatever. I appreciated Nina functioning as an audience surrogate trying to keep Sonny mob-free around as long as possible.

As mentioned in the comments last week, I too wish that we had SJB's Carly for this story. She had the best chemistry with Jason and she played the not-so-subtle longing for Jason the best.

There was a meme of Sonny remembering his true love, Brenda, on Twitter. I kinda wish that was the version we got.

Days of Our Lives

Fall 2021 Promo

DOOL Spoilers

I'm actually excited for DOOL to be revisiting the possession storyline. I hope they play all the notes properly.

While I'm glad that there are clips from the original story scattered on YT, I wish the soaps were all properly archived on a streaming service somewhere. If had the money, it would absolutely be something I'd throw an obscene amount at launching.

The Young and the Restless

Y&R Spoilers

I was always a bit more #TeamShick than #TeamPhick. And I prefer Jack x Nikki over Jack x Phyllis...so I don't really have a horse in this race (though, I suppose I do prefer "Phack" over "Phick"). I do enjoy and appreciate Michelle Stafford as an actress and she seems like a fun person from the content I've seen of hers over the years. The only Phyllis paring I've actively rooted for Gina's Phyllis with Billy.

Again, I've avoided Josh Griffith's Y&R but I see that Billy and Lily are a couple now? At least Cane is gone.

The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B Spoilers

This Week in Soaps history...

September 19-23, 2011

All My Children


Angie and Jesse welcomed Maya and Lucy back after Maya confessed that living at Liza's house didn't feel like home.
Scott was delighted when Madison agreed to move in with him. Angie and Jesse were thrilled when Randi revealed that she might be pregnant. JR was heartbroken when Babe's spirit urged him to accept that she had died.
Adam returned to Pine Valley. JR confronted his father about Adam's decision to disinherit him. Adam was filled with regret that he hadn't been a better father to JR. JR was hurt when Adam encouraged JR become his own man by leaving Pine Valley. Dixie gave JR the opportunity to say goodbye to AJ, despite the restraining order that Marissa had been granted, restricting JR from having any contact with AJ.
Tad and Dixie were overjoyed when Joe and Ruth announced that they were moving back to Pine Valley. Tad and Dixie decided to get married.
Jamie returned home for a long-overdue visit with his family.
Everyone was stunned when it was revealed that David's mystery patient was Stuart. Adam gave his beloved twin the will to live. Stuart was happily reunited with his family, including Scott and Marian.
Dixie begged David to tell her who the other patient was, but David insisted that Dixie was better off not knowing.
Jack walked out on Erica after Erica admitted that she didn't want to get married.
Brooke accepted Adam's proposal of marriage. Brooke revealed that she had purchased the Chandler mansion with the inheritance that she had received from her Aunt Phoebe.

JR skulked in the hidden passageways of Chandler mansion as everyone gathered to welcome Stuart home. JR took aim at one of the party guests and then fired.

(T_T) All My Children concluded its 41-year run on ABC on Friday, September 23, 2011. (T_T)

Full recaps available here!
Source for Weekly Recap

Some Retrospectives from its Last Week....

The Final Opening (or at least the latest opening I could find)

The Bold and the Beautiful
Taylor and Thorne plotted to make a difference at Forrester with Taylor taking control of a 55-percent share of the company by combining Thomas and Steffy's shares. Ridge tried to talk Taylor into giving him her voting shares, but she refused. Thorne and Ridge got into a physical battle, and Ridge apologized. Thorne warned that Ridge's time as CEO would end quickly.
Bill continued to try to talk Liam out of marrying Hope. Bill suggested that Liam consider other options, namely Steffy. Bill and Steffy plotted to get Hope away from Liam. Hope tried to move up the wedding date for Liam, but the Forresters refused because of the ad campaign they had built around her wedding. Liam was angry that they couldn't move up the date. Bill planned a bachelor party for Liam. Hope decided to give up waiting for marriage to have sex. Hope planned to surprise Liam after his bachelor party by moving in at the cliff house. Steffy visited Liam and tried to persuade him that she was the girl for him - not Hope. Steffy kissed Liam.

Full recaps available here!
Source for Weekly Recap Summary

Days of Our Lives
Dario said goodbye to Melanie and his family to start his new job in Argentina. Maggie found a way to boost Melanie's spirits.
Chloe identified Gus as the person that had attacked her on the pier, but before the police could arrest him, he took Nicole as a hostage. E.J. realized he still had feelings for Nicole. Nicole's brush with death caused her to reflect on her past mistakes with a renewed interest for a better future. Roman handed Chloe the reward check for leading the police to Gus, and then Brady offered her a chance at a new life with Parker in Chicago.
The police released Quinn and offered to drop the other charges against him if he agreed to leave Salem. Ivan returned to his Madam a wealthy and powerful man and invited Vivian to leave Salem with him. Taylor and Quinn admitted they loved each other, and then left Salem with Vivian and Ivan.
Carly finished rehab, made amends with Jennifer and Daniel, and then left Salem with Nicholas to start a new chapter in her life.
Lexie convinced Abe to run for re-election and offered to help him with his campaign.
Jennifer coached Sami on the art of the job interview. E.J. and Stefano were certain that E.J.'s big announcement would catch everyone off-guard. Jennifer received a number of strange calls on her cell phone. A bearded Jack Deveraux checked into the Salem Inn.
Bo, Hope, Jennifer, Maggie, Doug, and Julie reminisced about Tom and Alice Horton's life together and their love of family. Bo and Hope kept secret about the details of the celebration to dedicate and revive Horton Square in memory of Tom and Alice, as well as the surprise guest list.

Full recaps available here!
Source for Weekly Recap Summary

General Hospital
Franco returned to Port Charles to stir up trouble. Spinelli's cyber skills continued to elude him.
Johnny murdered two of Anthony's henchmen after Maxie and Elizabeth escaped captivity. Johnny plotted to have Anthony's drugs offloaded from a ship in the harbor, and then planted in the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse. Things went awry when Anthony slipped into the warehouse and then shot Dante.
Lucky managed to kill Darryl as Darryl closed in on Elizabeth with deadly intent.
Anthony paid a doctor to give Lisa an experimental drug protocol. Lisa moved her fingers after the first treatment.
Kristina was elated when the feeling in her right leg returned.
Edward gave Jason a ring that Edward had given to Lila on their wedding night. Sam was touched when Monica gave her Alan's wedding ring, so that a piece of Alan would always be with his son. Sam became overwhelmed by the wedding preparations, so Jason whisked Sam away to spend some time at a Chinese restaurant. Jason and Sam were surprised to learn that the owners of the restaurant had a grandson who was an ordained minister. Jason and Sam decided to get married on the back terrace of the restaurant with the elderly Chinese couple as witnesses.
Dante proposed marriage to Lulu. Lulu couldn't give Dante an answer right away, so she went to Crimson to talk to Maxie. After a heart-to-heart talk with Maxie, Lulu decided to accept Dante's proposal, so she enlisted Maxie's help to arrange a special evening for Dante. Dante and Lucky realized that Sonny's enemies might use Jason and Sam's wedding as an opportunity to make a move against Sonny.

Full recaps available here!
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One Life to Live
Jack watched as Todd was arrested for Victor's murder based on Jack's lie. Téa questioned the validity of Jack's story. Todd realized that Irene was behind Louie's disappearance. Irene offered to help exonerate Todd, in exchange for Todd returning the microchip that he had taken. Dani paid her father a visit in jail to talk to Todd about Victor's murder. Dani began to have doubts about Todd's guilt.
Brody proposed marriage to Natalie. Natalie initially turned Brody down, but she had a change of heart after overhearing John tell Roxy that he didn't love Natalie. Roxy knew that John was lying, but Natalie didn't stick around to hear John admit that Roxy was right.
Kim managed to get her hands on the gun that Cutter had hidden in Morris. Kim decided to use the gun as leverage to blackmail Echo into persuading Rex to sign the Buchanan fortune back over to Clint, so that Clint could take care of her friend's medical bills. Rex refused to consider Echo's advice. Rex followed the clues to Kentucky. Kim convinced Rex that the patient in the Kentucky hospital was a friend named Annie who had been the victim of an abusive husband. Roxy and Echo breathed a sigh of relief when they learned of Todd's arrest. Cutter was stunned when he tracked down his sister to a hospital in Kentucky. Kim convinced Cutter to keep her secret about the true identity of the patient, whom she claimed was her friend Stacy.
It was revealed in a flashback that Shane had knocked Jack out moments before Victor's murder. Shane remained troubled as he looked at one of his comic strip drawings, which depicted the killer standing over Victor's bleeding body.

Full recaps available here!
Source for Weekly Recap Summary

The Young and the Restless
Kevin was uncomfortable pretending that he was Delia's bone marrow match.
Victor threatened to reveal Billy's crime in Asia if Billy reached out to Victoria.
Ronan tried to get Ashley to confess to killing Diane.
Tucker warned Devon that Katherine was using Devon to get to Tucker.
Heather and Ricky clashed about him not informing her that he was working for Avery on Sharon's case. Avery was able to undermine Adam's testimony against Sharon.
Colin unlocked Genevieve's hidden safe and learned that she was on a mission to drain his secret bank accounts.
Abby admitted that she'd worn a wire for the cops to entrap Tucker.
Jill and Cane found Colin trapped in the wine cellar. Jill forgave Colin, and they had a romantic reunion. Lily admitted to Lauren that Cane still got to her.
Ashley sided with Tucker against Abby. Phyllis refused to let Avery near Lucy.
Sharon turned down a plea bargain when Nick showed up in court with Noah and Faith.
Jack realized that Victor had lied about looking for Billy.Cane broke into Genevieve's safe to find evidence to nail Colin.
Daisy schemed to befriend Sharon.
Billy watched Victoria with Sam after Victor led Billy to believe they were romantically involved.

Full recaps available here!
Source for Weekly Recap Summary

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