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Japanese Music Post: Drama Edition!

I noticed that most of the songs I've been checking out lately are drama theme songs. JDramas typically use either songs from already popular artists (to gain more exposure for the drama), up and coming new artists (to gain more exposure for the artists) or artists related to the actors in the show (because of course), either way it's an interesting way to find out about new artists!

First is the song Hana Uranai by Vaundy the theme song for "Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita" The MV features the lead actor and actress and their child actors as well. I really like the song and the MV! It almost makes me want to check the drama out.

The drama that airs Monday night at 9 PM on TV Fuji is typically one of the highest anticipated and high budget dramas of the season. This past season it was Night Doctor and it had five different insert songs so I picked two that I liked:

Hikari by eill, it was the first time I heard of this artist and it's a really pretty song

Sleepless Night by yama, a popular artist, I felt like this song was really memorable in the drama

Next is YY by RöE the opening song for "Hakozume: Tatakau! Koban Joshi". Another artist I've never heard of, the song is so addictive.

HADASHi NO STEP by LiSA is the theme song for "Cinderella Promise" which is my favorite drama of the season!

Natsu no Gogo wa Cobalt by Awesome City Club is the theme song for the Japanese version of "She Was Pretty (Kanojo wa Kirei datta)"

undress me by Cö shu Nie was the theme song for "Onna no Sensou: Bachelor Satsujin Jiken"

Not a drama but shockingly King and Prince is doing the theme song for the second live action adaptation of "Kaguya-sama Love is War" starring Hirano Sho and Kanna Hashimoto.

ONTD do you watch jdramas?

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