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Everything Antoni Porowski does in a day

Antoni is hitting the publicity tour hard for his new cookbook Antoni, Let's Do Dinner.

He told Vanity Fair everything he does in a day.

-Wakes up between 6:15 and 7am.
-Brushes teeth.

-Let’s his dog Neon out of her crate, puts her leash on, goes for her first bathroom break outside.

-Feeds his dog.

-Has a black cold brew.

-Then it’s supplement time. Is obsessed with the ritual of supplements. Takes 10-20 a day.

-Sits on couch, puts on headphones, time for meditation. Uses headspace, or the honest guys on YouTube.

-Reads New York Times on phone.
-Watches some CNN, gets depressed and regretfully turns on Fox News. Then turns on BBC.

-Goes and puts on workout clothes. Goes to gym, listens to music on the way. Headphones are like a security blanket to him.

-Monday-back and triceps. Tuesday, chest and bicep. Wednesday is leg day. Thursday shoulders and arms. Friday is a supplemental day where he just does something for an hour, maybe a HIT workout. Always ends the the workout on the treadmill.

-Usually has five to seven packages to take upstairs. Talks about his doorman Junior a lot.

-Showers when he gets home, his favorite part of the day.

-Daytime skincare after shower-uses la prairie, la mer, and an olive oil based skin care called Futuna skin (okay J Lo)

-Brushes teeth again

-Normal uniform is the John Elliot casual line with Adidas socks and Stan smiths.

-Goes into kitchen. It’s finally time for breakfast. Has farm eggs, has to decide between a perfect soft scramble or four medium turned over eggs. Caviar and chopped chives.

-Has a cold brew with pistachio milk.

-Goes to living room and opens his laptop. Calls his assistant to see the priority of what needs to be done.

-Midday it’s time for another walk.

-Time for lunch. Usually makes a salad with some protein. Usually chicken. Snacks on pistachios, chicken chips, and wasabi almonds.

-Back to work in the afternoon.

-Has started taking dance lessons since he hates dancing and gets embarrassed at weddings.

-Takes an hour to hour and half walk with the dog after work.

-Dinner is usually around 7:30-8pm.

-Sits on the couch with his boyfriend. Likes to enjoy a canned beverage, something like Kin. (OP note-ad? I’ve never heard of Kin)

-Next debates with his boyfriend what to watch that night.

-Tells himself he’s going to watch an important movie from his list.

-Ends up watching Housewives instead.

-Watches the news and gets depressed and has to watch Tik Tok or funny YouTube videos to cheer up.

-Has his evening sleepy drink, something with chamomile and supplements idk.

-Final bathroom break with the dog.

-Time for evening skin care routine. Uses the iconic P50 toner. Face cream, eye cream, a final toothbrush and mouth wash. Only flosses every two to three days (same sis) Loves his tongue scraper.

-Sleeps with blackout curtains, coldest ac setting(same sis), lights a candle, and locks the door to his bedroom to keep intruders out. Puts his silk eye mask on, and falls asleep in 30 to 60 minutes.


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