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Thomas Markle: was part of plot to sabotage his daughter's wedding & other royal nonsense...

Enter for a round-up post of only some of the many tawdry tales from the British royal family. Buckle up!

Thomas Markle apparently went on Australian TV and admitted that he was part of a plot to "mess up the wedding" of his daughter, Meghan to Prince Harry. The ~rogue interview was deleted by the station hours later and they gave an official "apology" denying Markle's statements. But the very obvious cat is out of the bag so whatever. Bizarre stuff.

Deleted clip:

Prince Philip's last laugh?
In other royal hijinks, Prince Philip's last will and testament will not be available for the next 90 years - coincidentally (not) long after everyone currently alive is dead - in order to "to maintain the dignity of the Sovereign and close members of her family." Some are speculating it's because he left his fortune to his mistresses LOL.

Do you apply omega-verse terminology to real life unironically?
Non-influential non-royals, Harry and Meghan were named on Time's annual PR list. While most sane people would ignore this and get on with their day, the swathe of people who are apparently overly-invested in the pair's shenanigans went nuts all over social media and various platforms, with many (particularly right wing weirdos) claiming that Harry (pictured sitting on a ledge beside his wife, likely in order to be her height, and touching her shoulder) was an "emasculated" "cowering" "beta male" because he apparently wasn't... standing? Dominating the picture while Meghan was off to the side, no touching allowed? Who knows (answer: people on ONTD who share the sentiment, evidence: see the last post).

This woman:
Theocratic fascist blogger, Matt Walsh:
I mean it's a dodgy picture but does it warrant this much energy? No. This is the only interpretation of their "body language" in that photo I will accept tbh:

Prince Charles corruption
Other drama in this shitty family includes Prince Charles' ongoing cash-for-access scandal in which he's now temporarily fired three executives from his "foundation" for taking money from rich Saudi businesspeople and other people in exchange for honorary titles, special favors and citizenship, one of whom is his long-time confidante, aide, valet and toothpaste-man, Michael Fawcett, who was also the former CEO of the prince's foundation. This man is somewhat infamously known for somehow surviving many appalling scandals, including calling a part-time Black staffer a "fucking n*gger typist" and allegations of rape. He's been "fired" a couple of times but always seems to turn up again in an even higher position, so one wonders what kind of hold he has on old Charles to inspire this level of loyalty. Gross, again.

With corrected sources, apologies, mods!

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78<a
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