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MasterChef Season 11 Winner

MasterChef has been airing it’s 11th season over the summer and last night the winner was announced.

Winner and winning menu under the cut.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

32 year old Kelsey Murphy took home the MasterChef trophy.

Her winning finale menu-

beef tartare with toasted brioche crostini and fried caper

lobster & crab ravioli with blood orange & saffron nage, basil oil and caviar

crispy skinned duck breast with honeynut puree, cherry bigarade sauce, endives and pearl onions

blueberry & lavender panna cotta with lemon curd, lemon sable’ and cookie crumbl

To those who watched, are you surprised? She had been getting a winners edit all along but I thought they were going to give it to Suu. Silly me!

Tags: food / food industry, gordon ramsay, reality show

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