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Twitter calls out Simu Liu for Men's Rights Asians past

Slate's Aaron Mak wrote an article on the anti-black, incel MRAsian subculture on reddit:

Which led actor Edward Hong to chime in with something I think a lot of ONTDers already suspected:

Hong locked his account shortly after posting a series of tweets calling out Simu Liu. Unfortunately didn't a screenshot before he went private, but I did get the above before it was deleted. The "Fuck it. The person in question is Simu Liu," was right after a tweet noting how the article "understandably" left out one of the biggest celebrity ringleaders of the mrazn redditors. ETA: He's unlocked his account now. Per github tho, Simu only posted in the big mrazn sub (r/aznidentity) a handful of times, so calling him a ringleader is a huge exaggeration. Doesn't take away from all the API women who have called him/his crowd out over the years, but figured I'd clarify before the Marvel stans think this is some 4chan disinfo campaign.

Writer Roslyn Talusan had something to say as well:

a Twitter user has receipts for Simu Liu's reddit account:

h/t to harrys_headband for finding this tweet exposing simu for comparing pedophilia to homosexuality:

In response to this fiasco, Simu Liu links back to some mealymouthed tweet from a couple of years ago:

Summary: Simu Liu was once part of the toxic/sexist/racist r/aznidentity subreddit. Unfortunately a lot of the receipts have been scrubbed, but API women have been calling him out for a long time. EDIT: according to"author":"nippedinthebud","resultSize":100%7D , Simu did not actually post to r/aznidentity more than a handful of times, so the characterization of him as a 'celebrity ringleader' of the sub is a major exaggeration. No defense for the pedo stuff or the racism on twitter though.

sources: 1, 2 (now unlocked), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

mods, resubmitting with banned source removed!
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