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The View: Ben Platt, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

Ana joins today

Viewer discretion advised; sensitive content warning

More behind the cut

Hot Topic TW: USA Gymnasts Testify to Senate

TW: The video includes testimony of explicit details of assault. USA Olympic gymnasts bravely and publicly testified to Senate Judiciary Committee on the abuse they suffered by Nassar. The whole conversation is sensitive content so only a summary. The panel are in unison with their support and dismay, they say all the things you’d think they would say. Includes a segue to Brett Kavanaugh related topic.

Hot Topic Nicki Minaj Cousin Friend Boy Parts Are Still On Your Timeline

The Health Minister of Trinidad & Tobago said a) there is no evidence that the covid vaxx does things to men’s testicles or causes infertility, and alternatively b) actually getting covid has been shown to cause impotence, erectile dysfunction, and fertility issues in men. Also Nicki wasn’t invited to the White House. The WH offered to have a bonafide doctor educate Mrs Married to a Sex Offender about covid and the vaxx. Another also, don’t get vaxx advice from a rapper who married a convicted sex offender.

I know she has 22M followers but we live in stupid times. Instead of media giving her airspace they should make the actual emphasis that men can suffer fertility problems if they get covid. Missed opportunity, media.

Hot Topic Learning Useless Things in School

Panel talks about the useless classes you took in school. Joy would’ve preferred to learn about taxes. Sara and Sunny want school to teach about managing personal finance. Home Economics is about baking and sewing not handling money. Sunny learned too much about art, should’ve taken typing. Thought taking Latin was useful, helped her in law school. Ana wanted to learn practical things like changing the battery on smoke alarm. Ana failed trigonometry, had to retake it in summer school, never used it in real life. Joy struggled with calculus. Whoopi also wants people to know practical things like how to change a tire. Many graduates can’t pass a citizenship test that immigrants have to take.

Hot Topic Men Fake Incompetence To Be Lazy

Psych professor in USA Today says men are faking incompetence to get out of house chores. Sara talks about Thank You cards. Ana doesn’t think her husband is faking, he really has no idea how to do house stuff. Sunny says her husband does all the house things, says she fakes being helpless so he’ll do it for her. Joy pretends the dog only wants her husband to walk him. Says she fakes enough in the bedroom (bah dum tiss! 😃)

Hot Topic Ben Platt

Check out his manicure!

Ben Platt is promoting Dear Evan Hansen. He talks about >> being Jewish, being a Wicked superfan, talks about just seeing it on Broadway with his b/f, singing on TikTok during covid, he can’t cook so he follows his b/f around while b/f cooks and does the cleaning-while-cooking, talks about the film, prep work for the film, losing weight and growing his hair out, then shaving his head and piercing his ear, his Met Gala look, he’s also going on tour.

Ontd what did you learn in school that was useless vs what did you wish you had been taught?

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