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Christy Carlson Romano Explains How She "Lost" The Princess Diaries Role To Anne Hathaway

Another day, another YouTube video by Christy Carlson Romano.

Christy explains that she never got the opportunity to audition for The Princess Diaries because she was too busy filming Even Stevens at the time. Literally, that's it. She prepared for the role, read lines with her TV mom, but ultimately was unable to make the audition and as we already know, AnnE got the role. That's the "tea" box literally left inside the cupboards that was never brewed.

Before that, when Christy was 14 she beat out Anne Hathaway for the lead role in a broadway musical or something. Says she felt bad for AnnE at the time because she gave what she described as, and I quote, "the worlds best audition."

Described her as a "sweetheart" and only had positive interactions with her.

Crashed Erik von Detten's 18th birthday party where she met Anne again.

Christy feels that if she had gotten that role, it would have made her career.

Mentions that she has a song in The Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack called "Let's Bounce."

Says she looks like Anne Hathaway. Idek.

Tags: actor / actress, anne hathaway, disney, internet celebrities

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