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Lil Nas X gives birth: his debut album MONTERO and video for That’s What I Want are here!

Just like his 7 EP, the debut album has a lot of different genres. And this time, Lil Nas X has blessed us with 15 songs. From bops such as Scoop, CMBYN, and Industry Baby to pretty ballads such as Am I Dreaming, there’s definitely something for everyone. And the Art of Realization > Scoop transition? Chromatica II > 911 found dead in a ditch!

The video for his new single That’s What I Want is out as well:

The Montero Show also premiered tonight, in which he ranked his music videos and gave birth to bb MONTERO:

What do you think of MONTERO, ONTD? I love Scoop, That’s What I Want, Don’t Want It, and of course CMBYN and Industry Baby!

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