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We've heard some rumors about a new My So-Called Life DVD set being in the works, but they appeared to be just that - rumors. Now we've heard some more concrete information, including the studio that will be (if the rumors are correct) releasing the set, and it should put a smile on the face of fans who missed the first set. So, here's what we've heard...

The 19 episodes will be available on 6 discs and should be out on October 30. All the music will be intact, just as it was on the first set released by BMG. Here's the best part - we've heard the studio that will release it is Shout! Factory. Yup, the company that put together the beautiful Freaks & Geeks set will tackle My So-Called Life. Hopefully they can talk Claire Danes and Jared Leto into taking part in the bonus materials, though both actors have turned their backs on the show since their careers have taken off. There may be some opportunities for fans to be involved in creating material that's used on the set as well; Shout! has done that with a few titles in the past.

We'll keep you updated on anything more we hear. Feel like discussing the past DVD, or the new one? Head over to the DVD section of the website. You can also read all about he controversy surrounding the first set (it was pretty crazy).

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