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The rich kids on the Upper East side prevail as HBOMax cancels Genera+ion

-Genera+ion has been canceled after 1 season on HBO Max

-Lena Dunham was an exec producer on the show

-Featuring an ensemble cast, Generation centered on a group of high school students in Orange County, California who explore their sexuality in a modern world. This tests their deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love and the nature of family in their conservative community.

Tags: cancellation, lena dunham, television, television - hbo

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it doesn't usually bode well for a series if it's only mentioned in relation to its competitor lol
I don’t know why I assumed this was a limited series, so I wasn’t expecting a season 2.

With that being said the GG reboot is horrible.
Nooooooo I’m so sad. I love this show. It feels so authentic and was a comfort watch for me this year. I didn’t realize I was LGBTQ until my late 20’s and didn’t officially identify until this year (I’m 32) and I felt/still kinda feel awkward cos I was so much older and I don’t really feel a part of the community but watching this show helped with that so much tbh. Aside from that, they are the group of friends I wish I had in high school, hell now. I don’t know too many gen z’s but regardless this show felt like a real depiction of teens of any generation. Atleast they had a good season. I’m gonna miss it so much 😪
Never watched it but found it kind of weird that HBO made yet another Euphoria
meh it really wasn't though, just involved the same age group
This most made me realize I haven't finished season 1. It honestly was not a bad show. My only problem with it was I didn't like any of the characters, and not in a fun way.
Nooooo, I really liked it! I mean Martha Plimpton alone...
i have never heard of let alone watched this show but Martha Plimpton is a national treasure and she is criminally underutilized.
She is! She plays a mom on the show whose son comes out as bi and she has a hard time with it. It's awkward and painful, but she played it so well.
just re-watched running on empty. she and river were so good.
This show was fucking awful and tried wayyyyy too hard.
not surprised tbh. much like girls, every character was irritating as hell and felt very much like what an older person assumes gen z is like instead of what they're actually like. i noped out after a few episodes. i really want euphoria to come back though
I thought they all spoke and behaved quite realistically for teens. It was also written by a teen so that showed, and helped.
i dunno, i feel like 10 years ago people were saying the same thing about how well written the millennials on girls were and for me it's a hard disagree. i got the same vibe from this show and it was a turnoff for me.
..... we are not calling the OC ('dont call it that') a 'conservative community'. it is only *relatively conservative*. yeah that's something, but it certainly isn't like... that important. sorry for all of the ppl who grew up in orange county who are suffering like ppl in mississippi
i'm from mississippi and the most conservative about this show was that the kids had parents at all.
Not surprised. I mean this premise has been done more than once already.
oh I liked this funny messy teens it was waaay better portrayal of others hbo teen shows and I had a small cult following esp with the skam widows
i used to work with this kid lmao
I didn’t watch this show but I seen clips and thought it was hilarious. It looked better then gg and euphoria

I was sad about grand army now this :(
No one talks about Grand Army! I thought I was going to hate it after the very first scene but it was so good!
i loved it so much!
i still haven't gotten around to watching it yet. oh well.
buuuuuuuuuu, I liked the show! its a shame.
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