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Michael Vartan Confesses He Ended Kiss Scene with Drew Barrymore Early After Wardrobe Malfunction


Michael Vartan sits down with some of the cast of Never Been Kissed to share a story Drew's never heard before, why he had to be excused after their first time acting out their kiss! The actor also shares the gift from Drew he kept.

[he got a boner. Drew is into it.]
Tags: drew barrymore, interview

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September 14 2021, 23:27:56 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 23:29:45 UTC

mmm michael vartan

I would have dropped to my knees and started throatin him! well not in front of everyone
church is free! omg
Omg nnnnn
im so glad this is the first comment.
where is queen Leelee Sobieski
this sounds like a fanfic, lol.

Ben is back with JLo, so Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan should be next for full early 00s nostalgia value.
And then get back together again have another 3 kids? Lol
i keep waiting for it to happen, ngl
There's a theory that they relationship was a cover for when she first started dating Ben.
I saw Never Been Kissed on my 14th birthday with friends.

I now realize how much I look like a brunette Josie.
Is that how he looks now?!
Hey, he's 52! Not old but not hot Agent Vaughn anymore!
Age came for him.
That's how aging works for white people who don't moisturize.
One of my favorite rom coms!
omg he’s so smoooth lmao the story with the plant like i was swooning i-

Is her show doing well?

but really what if a woman got on national television to say she got wet during a kissing scene lol
This is the type of gossip I want on ONTD.
I hate Matthew Perry's reaction and I can't pinpoint why but I love how elegant and adorable Gemma was when agreeing with Mirian lol


1 month ago


1 month ago

I looooove that movie lmao. He’s fine as fuck.

TMI: He was probably one of the reasons why and how I got into dudes hairy bushy down there lmao. + he was fine asf. Thanks Michael ;)
I'm sorry, where do we see this? Clearly don't see enough of Michael's work
That scene was a blink and miss moment. Def a grower tho. I’m not entirely sure if it was from One Hour Photo or another movie. But in that movie, he grabbed some blanket to cover himself; he had very short hair and had a full on bushy pubes
Ugh I know the storyline with him being her teacher is very much gross, but that camera panning around them for that kiss at the end is what rom com dreams are made of. I still swoon over it.
The movie is *supposedly* loosely based on something that happened at my high school - Marc Silverstein (Busy Phillips' husband) co-wrote this with his writing partner Abby Kohn - and Marc went to my high school in Maryland. Loosely based in that it was a student-teacher relationship and not something so convoluted as an adult posing as a student. We were all trying to figure out who the teacher was... and I'm sure back then we knew but I don't remember now.

The Spanish teacher is a direct nod to an actual Spanish teacher at my high school.
i know he's like 50 now and isn't as hot as he used to be, but the editors did michael vartan dirty in that thumbnail.
I loved this movie so much growing up.
That is a little off putting, but at least Drew finds it funny I guess. The storyline of her older brother basically statutory raping the HS girls was awful tho
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