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Jenny Bui (Cardi B's Nail Artist) allegedly sued Youtuber over her bad review:

Jenny Bui has been a nail tech/artist for 24 years and came to fame for designing Cardi B's elaborate nail sets. She is known as Queen of Bling for her claims that she uses real Swarovski crystals in her nail sets/designs. She is now an ambassador with nail brand OPI, and has collabed with nail brand Apres.

British youtuber Millie T posted a video in December 2019 where she flew to NYC just to get her nails done by Bui. The vlog was not sponsored nor did Millie work with Jenny Bui behind the scenes, but Bui did allow her to film the appointment. Millie stated she paid $600 for the set of nails, which included a $100 discount, and that Bui told her the crystals were real Swarovski crystals. The video received over 2 million views.

Millie made a follow up video to show how long the set of nails lasted on her. She also felt she may have been scammed and that the gems used may not have been real Swarovski crystals as Bui had claimed. Millie went to a Swarovski store where the jeweler confirmed the gems on her nails were NOT Swarovski, and commented that they looked like plastic crystals. The jeweler let Millie film comparisons of the real Swarovski against her nail crystals:

Shortly after posting the follow up video, Millie pinned a comment to the video about Bui contacting her about the video and the Swarovski claims:

*OP note*: I've looked at the website and can't find any gems for sale that could be used for any sort of art but you can take a look for yourselves. It is possible since the video was posted in late 2019 that the site/items for sale have changed:

FFWD to this week. Millie shared a storytime where she reveals she was actually sued for 10K for the videos, in which Bui claimed was defamation, and had to pay around 5K for lawyer fees. Millie does NOT mention the person's name or link to the original videos, but shares blurred screenshots that show Bui reached out to her and provided her with the website she got the crystals/gems from, and asked Millie to share that information with her followers, and Millie did. Millie says even after this, Bui threatened her with lawyers, and that Swarovski would get involved and said they would create big problems for Millie.
Screenshot below:

Many commenters on the youtube videos also share the same sentiments that Bui is the person who sued her, and that Millie spoke about it briefly on a podcast.
Millie felt it was ridiculous that her honest review and checking for confirmation on the authenticity of the crystals was labeled defamation. She claims she never meant to give bad press to Bui, but wanted to do an honest look at the nails. Ultimately Millie reveals that she was found not guilty.

Poll #2113251 Are the nails real

ONTD, do you think the crystals on the nails are authentic Swarovski crystals?

A mixture of real and fake gems

All summaries/info were created by me from watching the videos posted:
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
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