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Jenny Bui (Cardi B's Nail Artist) allegedly sued Youtuber over her bad review:

Jenny Bui has been a nail tech/artist for 24 years and came to fame for designing Cardi B's elaborate nail sets. She is known as Queen of Bling for her claims that she uses real Swarovski crystals in her nail sets/designs. She is now an ambassador with nail brand OPI, and has collabed with nail brand Apres.

British youtuber Millie T posted a video in December 2019 where she flew to NYC just to get her nails done by Bui. The vlog was not sponsored nor did Millie work with Jenny Bui behind the scenes, but Bui did allow her to film the appointment. Millie stated she paid $600 for the set of nails, which included a $100 discount, and that Bui told her the crystals were real Swarovski crystals. The video received over 2 million views.

More and pictures of the nailsCollapse )

Poll #2113251 Are the nails real

ONTD, do you think the crystals on the nails are authentic Swarovski crystals?

A mixture of real and fake gems

All summaries/info were created by me from watching the videos posted:
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Source 2
Source 3
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September 15 2021, 03:37:43 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 15 2021, 03:38:19 UTC

Lol at all of this acrylic bashing. I just recently got into them (currently on my 2nd set) and while they’re cute and all I think I’m hanging it up once I get these removed. Too much upkeep and too expensive. I just wish there were more nail teks in my area who could do cute designs on naturally short nails ;(
I used to love getting acrylic but the downfall was definitely the thickness because I preferred a shorter length. I also hated the removal process, too many times they were removing it with metrocards and I just couldn't handle the pain. I've since learned that so many nail salons don't remove them properly which damages nails, and that a lot use the MMA monomer which is also bad for your nails. TBH I started getting into the hard gels/Russian manicure techniques and I really like it.
Swarovski crystals are only good for bedazzling sidekicks anyway
man if you actually believed those were real swarovski crystals
"where she flew to NYC just to get her nails done by Bui." I hate the rich.
Swarovski stopped selling gems for nails which I only know bc my nail lady stocked up and also, she's used them on my nails before and I've never paid more than 100 bucks. people get ripped off for shitty nails and don't even realize
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