I live, I die, I live again (sandstorm) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I live, I die, I live again

Man brings positive vibes by strolling beach as Michael Myers with bloody knife

Today in "The Hurricane Halloween", a lawyer took a stroll on the beach of Galveston while Tropical Storm Nicholas rained down.

Oh, and he was dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise - complete with knife.

Police stopped by after some KILLjoy called and complained. The man?The man was island attorney Mark Metzger, and you can see him walking around and being handcuffed.

The knife was fake. He wanted to bring "positive vibes" - and now he's paying the price ( a fine).


I don't know shit about the Halloween franchise, just thought this was funny.
"Op you need to watch -" I will not.
Tags: film - horror, holiday, slow news day

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well it made me laugh so mission accomplished.
I don’t know why, but reading this gave me major deja vu. Even the guy’s name.
He does this a lot (he's a known character in Galveston and tries to bring levity during hurricanes) so you may have seen a past story about it. Some carpetbagger probably called the cops on him this time because he's never been arrested for it before.
Does anyone remember the summer of the clown sightings? What ever happened with the clowns?
Became governor of Florida.
My husband was saying he read that those sightings led to McDonald's getting rid of Ronald McDonald! Not sure if that's true or just coincidental timing, but either way, I can't say I miss him.
My husband just told me the same thing last night!
Didn’t even notice he was gone lol
Did we ever find out what it was all for? Was it a marketing stunt?


1 month ago

Taking horse dewormer in droves, last I checked.
lmao this was mte in reaction to this post. that summer was super weird in general.
lol that icon has no right being as cute as it is
ngl this did bring some positive vibes to my day! i'm actually wearing my halloween ii shirt at this very moment lmao
I laughed so good work, sir.
I'm right there with you!!
I'm not even against horror movies, I just think the typical slasher ones are boring lol.
Same. I like horror movies but slasher ones are so boring.
this must've been a white man because they would've shot anyone else
Probably since that and Galveston is mostly white people
during a hurricane tho?
I live in a beach town and a couple years ago someone did this (on a normal day, not during a storm or anything). They didn't have a fake knife or anything though, they just walked down the beach. It was posted to the town facebook group and of course everyone was scandalized and HORRIFIED that someone could do such a thing.


September 14 2021, 23:48:21 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 23:49:02 UTC

Umm... I would still be terrified if this person pointed a (fake) knife at me mask or not. In this world, you can never be too careful.
This is my kind of positive vibes.
I dreamt last night I was in a basement and some scary horror shit was going on so I was like hmm better get outta here. Then Halloween 6 Michael Myers was at the top of the stairs so I got the fuck out of there through a cellar door that was conveniently next to the stairs.
People are always doing stupid shit like this before a storm hits that hideous beach (that, yes, I got married on)
Hell no!!!!
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