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Babar Suhail

Britney to take social media break following engagement, deactivates Instagram

Update: She is taking a social media break to enjoy her engagement


Britney's Instagram account seems to have been deactivated. Her last post was a few hours ago (below) in which she thanks the #FreeBritney movement.

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Someone controlling her again?
New lawyers said go dark?


September 14 2021, 21:48:44 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 21:49:18 UTC

my theory? all of the prenup comments rained on her parade.

Thanks, lemme update the post.
Lawyers advising her to stay off social media.
I'd go with her new lawyers telling her to go silent until after the next hearing.
my friend literally just texted me "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BRITNEY'S INSTAGRAM?!" i hope she's alright!
I hope it's what she wants!
what a girl wants? what a girl needs?
whatever makes her happy, sets her free
I think with the case coming up and it being the big one that she’s about to go into prep-mode with her lawyers so she’s prepared. Or maybe since the light is finally near she just wanted a break? I’m not going too hard into thinking otherwise tbh.
That makes a lot of sense. Her calling out her sister and others, while cathartic and much needed, could have given her father and his team ammo to say “look she’s crazy and ranting like a lunatic on social media. We can’t dissolve this conservatorship”.

she got them all and now she's gotten what she deserved and what she wanted and she's gonna take herself a long break and live her own life happily
that's what i'm getting.

she's done
let the lady rest
i love this look and i'm mad it wasn't used for anything but livestream

She deserves a break

hope she's doing okay <3
wonder if that user will come in here to downvote me again
I can do it if you need it lmao


1 month ago


1 month ago


1 month ago

Don’t know to embed tweets in comments, but she said is a break from social media:

She just tweeted she’s taking a break to enjoy her engagement.


September 14 2021, 21:57:07 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 21:58:15 UTC

She’s just been on Twitter saying not to worry and she’s having a break to celebrate the engagement

To which I say… you go get that D, honey

Edit: and haha at all of us replying with this within seconds of each other lol
I can’t wait for the day where something happens with Britney’s social media and we don’t have to worry or think something fishy is going on 😩 hurry up and free our good sis on the 29th 🤞🏾😭
Good. I have deleted Instagram 2 years ago and Facebook a year ago. Never had anything else (TikTok or whatever).
Dang I honestly want to delete my IG so badly, I might once I go back to school again. I don’t need the distraction and the constant comparisons of myself to others it does me no good.

Good for you for sticking by it for so long! I don’t have Tiktok either because it’s an even bigger time waster.
I only kept Instagram to promote my Youtube channel and Facebook as a birthday reminder. Then I had 3 strikes and it was shut down lol, so I didn't need Instagram anymore.
I had no idea you could download an entire events calendar from Facebook, which I did and I didn't need it anymore and deleted it as well. I kept the Messenger though, in case somebody needs to reach me.
sameeee deleted insta, fb, and snapchat in 2016 and never looked back

still have twitter tho lol


1 month ago


1 month ago

I really only use Twitter and I'm thinking of getting rid of it. As a live news feed, I appreciate it ... but it's just because so negative and toxic. I hate getting people in my feed that I don't follow and don't care to hear about.
I know it's cliche but I genuinely only have a facebook in order to post pictures of my niece because I'm the "designated" contact between all the extended family and my brother's little family since we live together and none of the extended family have gotten to meet her yet (she turns 2 this month, thanks pandemic). I also post to my city's unofficial page on Facebook when I need recommendation for certain things. And I don't even actually check it for my family's posts, I just basically post and run. And I honestly am not missing anything besides people from the city complaining that all that ever gets built in our city are Goodwills, storage places and fast food joints, memes that originated on tumblr/twitter and are being reposted in crappy quality because they've been reposted so many times and one of my cousins posting fishing memes.

I really commend people basically delete it or permanently mute whichever family member is awful but you can't delete because they'd start world war 3 and your parents would get upset about it.
Cant believe people are nice to britney spears and openly support her, i've been a fan since '99 and people never gave her a break.

I love u brit!
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