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Babar Suhail

Trailer for CW's 4400 reboot

Over the last century at least, four thousand four hundred people who were overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized vanished without a trace off the face of the planet. Last night, inexplicably, they were all returned in an instant to Detroit, MI, having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. As the government races to understand the phenomenon, analyze the potential threat, and contain the story, an empathetic social worker (Joseph David-Jones, "Arrow") and hardened community corrections officer (Ireon Roach, "Candyman") are among the civil servants called upon to deal with the uncanny refugees. The new partners clash in ideology and approach, but gradually find they have more in common than they thought as they become familiar with those under their care.

A lawyer and resilient young mother from the early aughts (Brittany Adebumola, "Grand Army"), whose unexpected reunion with her estranged husband (Cory Jeacoma, "Jersey Boys") and suddenly teenaged daughter is immediately rocky; a WWI Army surgeon fresh from the Harlem Renaissance (TL Thompson, Broadway's "Straight White Men"); an influential hidden figure from the Mississippi civil rights movement (Jaye Ladymore, "Empire"); a black sheep reverend-scion born to a notable televangelist family in 1990s Chicago (Derrick A. King, "Call Your Mother"); a seemingly shallow but misunderstood D-list reality TV star (newcomer Khailah Johnson) from Miami, circa 2015; and two wildly different unaccompanied teens, a vibrant girl (newcomer Autumn Best) whose bell bottoms give away her 1970s upbringing, and an introspective, prescient boy (Amarr Wooten, "Liv and Maddie") whose origin remains a mystery. These unwilling time travelers, collectively the 4400, must grapple with their impossible new reality, the fact that they've been returned with a few... upgrades, and the increasing likelihood that they were brought back now for a reason they're only beginning to understand.

Tags: black celebrities, reboot / remake / revival, television - cw, television promo / stills

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This actually sounds interesting.
My thoughts exactly; how did I miss this the first time 'round?
Wait how is this already getting a reboot?!
Gossip Girl and PLL already have a reboot, and they ended last decade, lol
I feel so old
I know the CW is cheap....but this looks CHEAAAAAPPPP. Did all the money went to 4400 extras?
idk why they show them being abducted. Just they're here and gone would have looked better imo.
I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if its film vs digital or something in the editing process or just a lack of talent but everything they do looks so cheap!!!
idk, they've done stuff like Superman & Lois that actually looks pretty good.

But this looks downright bad. Like an ABC Family show in 2003.
this wasn't even that popular a show the first time
but it was gooooooooood
Season 1 was good, everything after suffered from the Season 2 curse— I watched every episode and I still don’t understand what the fuck I watched then.

This isn’t IT™. Someone must’ve owed someone a favor or the rights were in play, etc. 🙄
I was ready to scoff but the more I read of the premise the more interested I became. Then I watched the trailer and saw a lot of brown skin and listen, folks, I’m unashamed of jumping into anything with black folks front and center.

Honestly abducting minorities and the marginalized is so sinister, it gives me chills to think of how easy it would be (and is; one only needs to look at w awful things that happen to indigenous women to know this)
oooh. I'll check this out.

The 4400 was one of my fave shows when it was on. I need to rewatch it. It was my introduction to Mahershala Ali. I loved Richard and Lily together.
Yes! My thoughts exactly :)
Trailer for CW's 4400 reboot

Wait I thought The 4400 was a news program?
are you thinking of the 700 club?
Shit. shit.


1 month ago

i just finished a rewatch of the original. i kinda hope joel gretsch makes a cameo. i know mahershala can't lol but i'll take joel
i watched the original series for the first time last year. i liked the premise and the first couple of seasons, but it started to dip with season 3. i'll definitely check out the new one, though.

Wait was Jeremiah hair glare from Princess Diaries and Chicago Whatever in the original?

of all the shows to reboot
The premise was interesting but I couldn’t get into the original for some reason. I think because I had seen a spoiler that [Spoiler (click to open)] one of the characters had a baby that grew up overnight and then the kid killed the mother by making her age instantly . I don’t know how accurate that spoiler was, but it kinda turned me off because it felt like a dollar bin SPN plot.
That did in fact happen, lol
I loved the original but I don’t think I finished the 4th season because it wasn’t that great. Love seeing so many black people in the reboot but it’s CW so I don’t trust it. Lol! I know I’m going to watch.
I've always liked the original show's premise but was never compelled to watch it for whatever reason. However, with this added element (that reminds me a bit of Day of Absence) piques my renewed interest.
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