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Emilia Clarke's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With me | Harper's BAZAAR

For Emilia Clarke, a good candle and a "scalding hot" bath are the keys to relaxation at the end of the day. Here, the actor breaks down her full nighttime routine, including skincare favorites and travel essentials.


Diptyque 34 Le Redouté Candle
Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
Clinique All About Clean Cleansing Milk
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1
Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum
Clinique Moisture Surge Auto-Replenishing Hydrator
Susanne Kaufmann St John's Wort Bath Calming
OSIMAGNESIUM Body Lotion + Melatonin
Brazyn Morph Foam Roller
RAINCRY Large Detangling Paddle Brush
ASCENO London Striped Silk Eye Mask


beauty post??
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is she like a clinique partner or sth?
She advertises for them.
My skin is sooooo much better since I actually started a skincare routine.

I’ve had acne for about half my life. After using accutane, it came back. I decided I had to try to fix it myself (I didn’t want to go back to that horrible medication) and so far so good 😊
Glad you are feeling better bb!
Crossing my fingers, hoping the acne stays away 🤞🏻
What have you found helps? I have persistent, mild-moderate acne that even 3 miserable courses of accutane couldn't fix and I refuse to ever take that stuff again. I thought I was doing well with The Ordinary's AHA/BHA peel but idk if I over-exfoliated or something because suddenly I'm breaking out again like crazy all over my face. I found benzoyl peroxide helps but I'm allergic to it so it's a no go :/


1 month ago

Ugh I feel you with accutane. I was on it and my acne stayed away for maybe a year or so after I stopped, but it came right back. My derm tried talking me into doing another round, but I was like NOPE.

My skin has its moment still, but eh
it's so boring when they have people on who have partnerships with beauty brands lol like what is the point honestly

i've been using a ton of stratia and i've been really happy with it (when i'm not lazy enough to do my routine). probably the best my skin has ever looked although i wonder if being inside/not using makeup anymore has helped
I purchased stratia liquid gold after a long while of not using it and no lie, the second I put it on I remembered it's one of the best moisturizers I've ever used and I have no idea why I ever stopped.
Clinique face lotions just don't do it for me I think my skin is too sensitive

I've been enjoying the Aveeno oat gel moisturizer. The face wash from that line sucks tho I'll definitely be switching back to the foaming cleanser
ooooh her travel foam roller is cool, I should get me one. I just started using a foam roller a couple weeks ago and they're MAGICAL I didn't even know my back could feel this un-tense
i spent money on a great foam roller set and it helps so much. yet i just leave it neglected in a corner. idk why.
I feel like I've given up on having better skin tbh. My acne is only hormonal at this point and I'm just focused on doing what I can to stay moisturized and healthy rather than going after my existing issues tbh. Like enlarged pores, blackheads, and uneven tone. Nothing other than a basic routine has ever worked for me, all fancy serums and shit always just make things so much worse, so I'm resigned to not spending more money on it.
I was exactly the same. I recently started using La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ Blemish treatment though and it appears to be working for me.

I’m not saying it would work for you and I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up, but as someone who is almost 30 and cannot remember having clear skin, I just felt I should mention it just in case.

I always thought mine was hormonal, so I never bothered sticking to a routine for too long. I was also scared about repeatedly getting my hopes up, only for nothing to change. Maybe my skin will get really bad again and I’ll be disappointed all over again.

I just wanted to mention the product though.
Thank you for the recommendation!!
this is me. im pissed off too cause i've lived my life with hormonal acne now im old enough that i'm gonna start getting wrinkles so i never once got to live with decent skin and im bitter as hell lol
I’ll also second the LRP Effaclar Duo+ (full disclosure: after two uses)!

It’s meant to help along acne pimples and prevent breakouts but I’ve used it on PIH on my forehead, cheeks and above my lip to great results so far! As in I’ve noticed a difference on dark skin. Both times I paired it with my BHA (Cosrx) and moisturizer with retinol (Paula’s Choice).

I completely agree on not spending any more money on products. If you’re like me and have many that have similar uses, focus on emptying existing bottles rather than adding — and, lbr, I see more results when sticking to a basic routine of moisturizing and less acids rather than throwing in different products every few weeks (shockingly).

Having healthy and moisturized skin is all we can do. Skin is meant to look like skin, not void of pores or all marks like we have makeup and filters on 24/7- I try to remind myself of this. Be gentle with yourself. All the best, love.


September 14 2021, 22:22:38 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 22:23:05 UTC

I got on spironolactone and, while it did wonders, im just going to do a trial of low dose Accutane for the rest of the year to shut it all down. I’m over having to take pills everyday lol
I completely feel this comment. My acne/skin is the worst it's been in 20 years, personally (and I'm 31). My hormones are fucked. However, I will echo kinkiestofboots in saying that La Roche-Posay's Effaclar line is working well for me. I've been using it since April-ish? I use their cleanser and spot treatment, but their toner works the BEST. In concert, they're great. (I also tried their Pigmentclar face wash to try to even my tone--what a nightmare for my skin. I think I'll use it after my skin is back to normal.)

However, that alone is not enough for me. I went back to an old standard and started using philosophy's Pore Extractor again, followed by Vanity Planet's Ultrasonic Exfoliating Skin Spatula. When I tell you that after a was like *chef's kiss*. I CANNOT OVERSTATE how much of a game changer philosophy's Pore Extractor is for those of us with oily skin and clogged pores.

My regimen is (I alternate my night routine to prevent overexfoliation):

Night A
-Cetaphil preliminary wash
-Effaclar Cleanser wash
-philosophy Pore Extractor (right before the shower, then wash off in the shower)
-Effaclar Toner
-La Roche Posay AP+ Lipikar Balm (just lightly for moisturizing, just started using this shit and it's A+ too)

(Every) Morning
-Cetaphil preliminary wash
-Thayers lavender witch hazel
-Mario Badescu Vit C Serum

Night B
-Walgreens generic green tea & cucumber exfoliating makeup wipes
-Cetaphil preliminary wash
-Vanity Planet Ultrasonic Exfoliating (use on wet skin for 7 mins max)
-Effaclar Cleanser
-Effaclar Toner
-La Roche Posay AP+ Lipikar Balm (light)
I have literally used that Take the Day Off balm cleanser for like 10 years now. I love that stuff. It's so good. Like obviously she's shilling for them but that one is a legit good product.
I barely wear makeup anymore but when I do I use my ancient TTDO balm and it still works so well. I love that little purple hockey puck.
This just reminded me that she's a Clinique spokesperson. My fave spokesperson is still Elizabeth Olsen for Bobbi Brown. She just couldn't do their videos without sounding like she was mocking the whole thing.

The way she talks always sounds like she's being sarcastic and I wish to reach this level of speech one day!
I like her tutorials and her use of dry humor in them. I remember some people being put off by it in her comments. But I thought it was funny.
Lmao I love her
it's lightweight! Like Paul Rudd!!

Her video's used to crack me up
I get that every skin is different and all but unless you have major issues and/or fully enjoy spending so much time and money on skincare, all those celeb routines with several steps seem like a major scam. I honestly don't think we actually need so much, just the basics tbh but then again I was blessed with a lovely clear cutis so I'm privileged~

Also, yes for scalding hot showers, I spent all my childhood/teenage years taking cold ass showers so I feel like I'm still making up for lost time.
they say hot water is bad for your skin but you know what else is bad for your skin? murdering someone because I don't have a hellfire hot shower to unwind in.
I'm right there with you, sister friend <3
N, you're correct. since the pandemic started my skin got baaaaad with breakouts. my skin is finally clear (minus scarring) and i only use murad cleanser and some medicated cream (that are only for breakouts so i haven't really been using it for the past few weeks <3 ). i do use vit c and rose water as well
I agree! I used to do the 10 step skincare routine and it was just too time consuming and I dreaded doing it and it never really made my skin that much better. I use a basic cleanser, serum and moisturizer now and my skin feels incredible.
Careful with those hot showers!! I love them too but I got dehydrated and passed out last time while washing my hair! Drink lots of water and eat something prior hand!

Lol I was very lucky I didn’t wake up in a pool of own blood from an injury.


1 month ago


September 17 2021, 03:26:23 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 17 2021, 03:26:58 UTC

Yeah, you really don't need more than like 3-4 products, and even then that includes things like vit c or something to treat acne, or a retinol. They don't need to be really expensive either.

For the morning I really only use cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. At night it's cleanser (acne cleanser once a week), retinol, moisturizer. That's about it, really.
these things are pointless when they feature people with beauty brands

what a waste of time
I'm like oh okay a lot of Clinique whatever
Damn girl, rep that Clinique!

(I do like their eye cream and moisturizers though! Basic but effective and non-irritating.)


September 14 2021, 20:56:16 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 20:57:18 UTC

I started on sprionolactone and Trentoin recently because my acne has been out of fucking control lately. I feel like I'm back in my teens and idk what's causing it. It seems like it's starting to work so I'm happy about that. No beauty product was even touching it. But not related to acne, I do love Farmacy's Daily Greens moisturizer, it feels great on the rest of my face.
omg me too, I am in my upper 30s and am breaking out like I was when I was 15. I too got put on two scripts to help, acne just sucks.
my skin does like a 10 year hormone cycle i swear. at 12 when i was hitting puberty, at 19 and again at 29. all three times , painful horrible inflamed hormonal acne
I'm fairly blessed with my skin (just freckles and some dryness) but I've started a pretty basic routine for upkeep as I careen into my mid-30s. Cleanser - serum - Gua Sha - under eye cream - lotion at night; then sunscreen - vitamin c - lotion in the morning.

But my hair is thinning and it's what's stressing me out the most :( I ran my Roomba for the first time yesterday and between my cat and I we basically shed a small animal. I want to do Nutrifol since my derm recommended it but it's SO expensive. I've been doing biotin for about a year and just really see my nail growing faster more than anything else. I'm going to try adding Zinc and Vitamin D as well per my derm. Damn the genetically blessed!
Have you tried minoxidil/rogaine?
do you get your thyroid checked regularly?
I'd recommend getting your thyroid checked, or your androgen levels checked. Seeing an endocrinologist, I guess. If you can.

I have PCOS and thinning hair comes with it. Endo helps with it.
I need to get my skincare shit back together, I had such a good routine and then I got lazy lol. I’ve been buying so many blushes lately, it’s so unnecessary but luckily I like them all! The rose inc blushes are very nice, also finally jumped on the tower 28 train. But I still haven’t found a good brow gel that makes my hairs stay up. It’s so frustrating, idk what’s wrong with my brows lmao I think I’m just gonna give up because I’ve bought way too many brow gels in my life that do nothing for me
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