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Emilia Clarke's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With me | Harper's BAZAAR

For Emilia Clarke, a good candle and a "scalding hot" bath are the keys to relaxation at the end of the day. Here, the actor breaks down her full nighttime routine, including skincare favorites and travel essentials.

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beauty post??
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Does anyone use SK-II? Reviews?
it works but not worth the price imo
I got a freebie moisturizer from them that broke me out.
Love the essence, but once I'm done I'm going to look for a more affordable dupe.


September 14 2021, 21:08:47 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 21:09:45 UTC

ty to all the commenters pointing out it's basically a Clinique commercial. I've been pretty consistent about keeping up my routine lately and it's wild how much better the pores on my nose look when I just remember to wash my face twice a day.

also, I started using TO's matrixyl but I saw that Timeless has a few matrixyl serums as well. has anyone used those before?
gee girl, Clinique products can be irritating af
I stopped using Clinque about 8 years ago because it was way too harsh on my skin. Their cleansing balm is still really good though.


September 14 2021, 21:20:14 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 21:21:00 UTC

my skin is finally clear! i got some prescription cream from my doctor and it fucking worked. i have been suuuuper diligent with washing my face twice a day, now my skin is clear and i don't have to use the prescription stuff anymore (it's for breakouts). having clear skin has really boosted my self-esteem. last year, i was crying about my skin a lot and now i'm just happy with how it looks.

i have scarring, anyone have any recommendations to help the fading process????
My current biggest skin insecurity is the post-acne scarring. Specifically the texture on my skin because of some previous pretty nasty acne.

Any recs to lessen the appearance of the uneven skin texture? Or am I delusional to think there's any OTC treatment that would help?
you'd have to get something more invasive like a chemical peel or microneedling. nothing OTC will help. Most of the stuff in our products is very surface level, a lot of the molecules in the ingredients are too large to actually penetrate through to the second layer of your dermis
try faded by topicals!
Fading discoloration takes a lot of time. The fastest thing you can do is get a deep peel and/or do lasers at a derm’s office but those will cost upwards of hundreds and thousands of dollars. But I assure you a basic routine with sunscreen and a retinoid will get you there too
As someone who has had years of depression due to her acne scarring, I would say nothing works on textured skin. Not even my derma roller does the job permanently.

I’m planning on having some dermal fillers, once my skin is clear (or mostly clear) for a certain period of time.
my skin has been FUCKED all this year, i finally got put on a script, i didn't want to take any pill but i'm on topical clindomycine and the .3 differin gel. i really want to transition to retina a at some point but i am so scared of the "purge" process for that.
My Black ass finally got one of those cute fuzzy headbands to protect my hair when I’m washing my face. Might go all out and get some arm bands to catch the water. I’ve also been so lazy with my skincare but hoping to get back into doing a full routine which doesn’t consist of much but still.

I commented before but I made my own hair butter and my hair has been feeling so nice and moisturized so I’ll keep using that. I’ve honestly been so disappointed with a lot of hair care products I’ve tried. I think it’s time to change up my routine, I’ve been looking into Olaplex shampoo
omg yes at armbands, that's the one thing i fucking hate about skin care, all the water running down your arms


September 14 2021, 21:54:24 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 21:58:33 UTC

I had quite a bit of acne as a teen. It wasn’t so bad that it severely impacted my life but it was enough to make me a little self conscious and it caused some scarring. I started using Clinique when I was 20/21 and my skin got a lot better. Maybe it was just good timing — hormones calming down a bit around that age? I also started birth control when I was 18 so maybe that was part of it too. I’m 32 now, no longer on birth control and I basically only get hormonal acne along my jawline and chin (not on my cheeks like I did as a teenager). I still like Clinique products! They’re not too expensive and the quality has been consistent over the years. I especially like their 3-step system, the Moisture Surge lotion, a couple types of their foundations, a couple types of their mascara, and their loose powder. They also have really good regular promos where you spend a certain amount and get lots of free samples or trial sizes, tote bags, etc. I guess sound like a Clinique rep but I promise I’m not. Lol.

I do use some other brands occasionally (Derma E, Origins, The Ordinary, etc).

The only thing that has ever helped with my facial eczema is Mirvaso. Unf without insurance its almost 700 dollars for a tube of it that lasts about two months. Ridiculous...
Moisture Surge was my jam for years until this latest reformulation. I’m still bummed.
Clinique skincare is such trash. Back in the day when I worked at the Clinique counter, we used to use the clarifying lotion to sanitize the products.
So she's being paid by Clinique right? I really do not like any of their products.
I haven’t given a shit about skincare or makeup for months now with the exception of sunscreen and it’s been great.

I have to say someone in my family had a health scare in which they almost lost mobility and that inspired me to look closer at my diet and got my ass to up my workouts and take them seriously. I’ve been sleeping better since I give it my all at the gym and I haven’t felt this good and feel like I’ve looked this good in a while. Invest in life style changes everyone <3
I really like the cleansing balm and gelee with marine extracts from Clinique. But I got them from ulta 50% off and wouldn’t pay full price for them 😁


September 14 2021, 22:39:51 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 22:40:45 UTC

So far the only thing from clinique that's worked for me is their Take the day off cleansing oil.

Cut back my routine to cleanser & moisturizer because my skin is horrible right now.
This was underwhelming considering she has a partnership with Clinique but that cleansing balm and the moisture surge are still really good products.
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