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New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

Nice Girls

What did you do?

Mary used to be such a nice girl. She was the resident whiz kid of Liberty Lake, Minnesota—the quiet, chubby teen with the scholarship to an Ivy League school. But three years later, “Ivy League Mary” is back—a thinner, cynical, restless failure who was kicked out of Cor­nell at the beginning of her senior year and won’t tell anyone why. Taking a job at the local grocery store, Mary tries to make sense of her life’s sharp downward spiral.

Then beautiful, magnetic Olivia Willand goes missing. A rising social media star, Olivia is admired by everyone in Liberty Lake—except Mary. Once Olivia’s best friend, Mary knows better than anyone that behind the Instagram persona hides a willful, manipulative girl with sharp edges. As the town obsesses over perfect, lovely Olivia, Mary wonders if her disappearance might be tied to another missing person: nineteen-year-old DeMaria Jackson, whose case has been widely dismissed as a runaway.

Who is the real Olivia Willand, and where did she go? What happened to DeMaria? As Mary pries at the cracks in the careful facades surrounding the two missing girls, old wounds will bleed fresh and force her to confront a horrible truth.

Maybe there are no nice girls, after all.

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September 14 2021, 22:02:29 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 22:04:29 UTC

Assembly caught my attention, thank you OP!

I read Muriel Spark's Driver's Seat (what the fuck was that?) and Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls (what a romp).

I started The Song of the Lark last week but work picked up. Only three chapters in.

Speaking of work, I'm distracting myself. Of the books I've recently bought and then poorly screenshot just now, what should I read next?

Holy shit those were large, reposting now.


I'd pick 'how much of these hills is gold'
Oo thanks! I've heard that's an emotional book, I better start mentally preparing for it now.


September 14 2021, 22:07:38 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 22:09:25 UTC

I read both Thor and Nightlife by Wayne Smith. Neither would be on my typical read list, but someone on my TL mentioned Thor and then I came across it on Kindle Unlimited and said why not?

It's a horror/werewolf story told from the POV of the human family's pet dog. Very unique and it totally works. Page turner, great tension and atmosphere.

Surprised by how much I loved Thor I decided to check out the rest of Smith's work. Nightlife's also on KU. This time the story is you guessed it, vampires.
Interesting take and though I didn't enjoy it as much as Thor I'd still recommend it if you're into the Supernatural. Particularly liked the focus on sisters.
I love werewolf stories so I added Thor to my reading list, it sounds super fun.
Currently reading “Not a Happy Family”. It’s a really fun, easy read. I hope it sticks the landing, I have so many theories.
I just finished it! It was a quick read-I liked the different point of views. I also had so many theories but none of them were right LOL
Finished last night! I really liked reading it, but [Spoiler (click to open)]was a little disappointed in the reveal...having it be one of the kids acting entirely alone felt way too obvious, even though Jenna was arguably the one least focused on as a suspect. I really thought it was Lisa (Dan's wife)! She had the motive because of their money issues and the opportunity. Her narrative was not as deep as the other characters, which made me think she was hiding something. And then her meeting with Ted in the Home Depot parking lot or whatever just kept making her look more suspicious.

The ending felt rushed and like we didn't really see how everyone wound up, but I did like the very end, with Audrey planning to buy that property. Fun way to tease what may happen.
I only have the energy to read romance right now because my life is chaos, but at least I'm polishing off my romance tbr pile and catching up on new releases.

if anyone wants to rec their favourite and/or underrated romances I'm all ears!!
the brown sisters series is great as well as the league of extraordinary women series - the latest book came out last week and i thought it was fantastic.

if you have any recs i will happily take them pls!!
I read the whole brown sisters series last week! I LOVED 'get a life', hated 'get a hint', and thought 'act your age' was so-so. I haven't read any in the extraordinary women series though, thanks for the tip! I'll queue them right up

honestly the best one I've read these past weeks was helen hoang's 'the bride test'. I'm obsessed with that book, I think I've already re-read it like 3 times. and 'the kiss quotient' by the same author was also very good. I liked 'the duchess deal' by tessa dare although it's mostly fluff. and just to add a rec, even though I read it at the beginning of the year, 'tweet cute' by emma lord is, well, very cute


3 days ago

I just finished The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley and really enjoyed it. There's time travel going on, alt history, and a found family/love story going on at the center. First time in a long time that I've almost immediately wanted to reread a book. When all of the time travel things come together at the end it makes you want to go back and watch all the little pieces fall into place with the knowledge you have at the end.
I LOVED The Kingdoms, one of my fav books this year, but I'm biased as Pulley is my favourite writer.
did you read it twice? when it was over i felt like i did after i saw inception for the first time lmao. like i saw where it was going regarding his identity (also knowing that there was an lgbt relationship in the book and the postcard initial) but i still would love to read some of the scenes again knowing exactly who is who. [also i'm still uncertain how i feel about what MK does to the boy that's about to reveal his identity. seemed...extra? i know that really ruined that character overall for some]

what would you recommend i read next of pulley's? i'd give another of her books a go for sure.
Is that Reylo fanart?!
I liked Malice by Heather Walter.

I am struggling to get into The Doors of Eden.
aw missed this. I finished Between (Chronicles of Between #1) and loved it. it's a monster of a book though but is on Kindle unlimited!

I was ragging on The Love Hypothesis earlier but I'm curious about it. I'm not into reylo but I can get behind some of the tropes and give it a shot.
Might get into Nice Girls and My Sweet Girl but am most looking forward to Assembly! The Love Hypothesis has such great reviews and sounds like it could be a fun read but . . . the Reylo, I just can't do it.

But speaking of romances that had great reviews, I read The Charm Offensive last week, and it did not work for me at all. I get why it has great reviews, but I just didn't enjoy the writing.
Reading How to Love a Jamaican for the ONTD reading challenge. It's got great writing and I'm enjoying how fast it moves, especially since I'm coming off a long, long book, but a collection of short stories it is not. It's more like character vignettes, really.
Urgh, luv fake relationships, even for straights.
Just finished The Love Hypothesis and.... I'm shocked at how good it is? It's a good romance, although the miscommunication trope bothered me from the beginning till end.
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