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‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian Norm Macdonald dead at 61 after secret battle with cancer

Norm MacDonald succumbed to a secret 9-year cancer battle. He was 61.

He started his career as a writer on Roseanne before becoming part of the SNL cast in 1993, most notably doing the Weekend Updates.

He also starred in several movies, such as Billy Madison and Dirty Work.


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This really upset me. RIP Norm
Honestly the best to ever do it. So sad about this.

First cancer surprisingly takes Sean Locke from us and now almost exactly one month later it happens again with Norm?!

Is the world deliberately trying to take a giant shit on me??


Norm Macdonald was a god in the comedy world. I remember his set from Bob Saget's roast. Comedians LOVED that set.


A real comedian's comedian. :-(
I was in HYSTERICS at that! So many people thought he bombed but I loved it.
This is the first headline to literally make me gasp out loud in quite some time. I had to sit there for a moment and re-read it just to make sure I was getting it right.

RIP Turd Ferguson
His comedic style never resonated with me but 61 is way too young to go and I didn't know he was a Canadian which is cool.
His style was definitely strange 😂 But seriously, fuck cancer.


September 15 2021, 01:38:47 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 15 2021, 02:09:21 UTC

I remember Norm remarking a few times about how much he respected Richard Farnsworth because he had kept his cancer diagnosis a secret, especially when he was nominated for an Oscar in David Lynch's The Straight Story, and it would have guaranteed Farnsworth a win if he went public about his terminal illness. I wonder if when Norm got chubby, and everyone was teasing him about it, if it was the result of taking steroids for his cancer treatment? I dunno, knowing he was dealing with cancer for nearly a decade is going to make me wonder about a lot of things.

I'll watch some old Norm Macdonald Live episodes and have a bowl of Count Chocula in his honor.

I hope his family and friends are doing OK.
I just started his memoir (long overdue) and he talks about death early on. Reading it after this happening is just so gut-wrenching. Ugh.

The comments here are making me so happy. I’m glad others loved him as much as I did.
I’m Aussie and we just don’t have SNL so he wasn’t someone I ‘found’ till the Internet got bigger and we had YouTube and ways to watch old stuff.

He’s so fucking funny and I gasped when I saw this.
"i'm norm macdonald, you're not" is always gonna be my fave weekend update quote
I didn't always enjoy his brand of comedy but he wrote the "Dad's dead" scene with Jackie in Roseanne and I still cry laughing every time.
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