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‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian Norm Macdonald dead at 61 after secret battle with cancer

Norm MacDonald succumbed to a secret 9-year cancer battle. He was 61.

He started his career as a writer on Roseanne before becoming part of the SNL cast in 1993, most notably doing the Weekend Updates.

He also starred in several movies, such as Billy Madison and Dirty Work.


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Oh wow, may he Rest In Peace. I remember watching some reruns of his tv show Norm

Sad thing for me is all I'll remember him for are the "jokes" he made about Charles Rocket's suicide on Kevin Nealon's radio show. Pretty sure the transcript is still on Google for those who want to read that trash. I myself won't link it.

yeah, that and what he said about Brandon Teena.
Woooah. I'm shocked.
The greatest Weekend Update host we will ever have. I can't tell you how much his dry wit influenced me as a lonely adolescent. This hurts, man.
I wonder if he managed to do the voiceover for Yaphit on the most recent season of The Orville, it wrapped about a month ago. That'll be sad to hear him when the new season drops.

Dance on wherever you are, Norm. Fuck cancer.

Goddammit OJ outlived him. 😒
RIP Norm. I'll never forget how he got Barbara Walters so triggered

gutted about this. his sense of humor will never be matched.

tbh i just cried laughing at this, and it's such a small moment that he put no work into and was totally off the cuff but fucking gets me. "i'm no harley morenstein!!!"

All of his stuff at this event was amazing, Jenny Slate honestly looked close to having a panic attack at times and Norm was just deliberately derailing everything.
“Let me read this fucking thing,” is me going through all the housekeeping at the beginning of a meeting at work
He was so good at playing Burt Reynolds that he played his son on “My Name is Earl.”
RIP dude. Omg. I loved Norm.
Man I love Norm. May he now find peace.
OH MY GOD. i'm legit fucking sad as hell about this. i loved his face.
Yikes post.
Damn. Rest in peace
i'm not a big fan of comedians but he made me laugh. RIP.
I really liked him as WU host
Me too. He was my college years WU host and that OJ shit was holy shit ballsy. Back then, people didn't say the quiet part out loud like nowadays.

Dude straight out said--nope. He did it. On national television. Live. And calling out Don Ohlmeyer (head of NBC sports) for continuing to be friends with him.

His one-liner on SNL after the OJ verdict: "Well it is finally official. Murder is legal in the state of California" was a sick burn.

And here's one of his post-SNL greatest jabs.

He was NEVER afraid to speak truth to power, one of the best traits a great comedian should have.
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