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‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian Norm Macdonald dead at 61 after secret battle with cancer

Norm MacDonald succumbed to a secret 9-year cancer battle. He was 61.

He started his career as a writer on Roseanne before becoming part of the SNL cast in 1993, most notably doing the Weekend Updates.

He also starred in several movies, such as Billy Madison and Dirty Work.


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Adored this man. He was so afraid of death. I hope he finds that it wasn't the end after all.
Ugh this comment hit me hard
Oh wow, that sucks.
i hate this so much
His delivery was impeccable and he’d always make me laugh, even at jokes I didn’t WANT to be laughing at. lol

RIP to this man! Ugh I had a nasty sex crush on him when I was younger.
I'm so bummed out tbh. Cancer seems to be taking so many people. :(
I will say, I read his book and it was some of the most deranged shit I ever read. I kind of can't believe it got published lol.
Like what?
It's really hard to explain lol.
I saw this earlier (before I realized he had died, and I just thought "weird post") but it made me think his book was nice and sweet?


3 days ago

Fuck cancer. He was far too young.
Lmfaoooo how have I never seen this
Lmao! I am cackling!

Omg I just referenced this lol

Lmao omg he's so cute. What a terrible stuffy platfom to have put him on
When I was a kid my best friend and I were obsessed with Canadian comedians (which we aspired to be someday) and he was one of our faves.

RIP Mr. Macdonald.
Lots of celebs reacting to the news
This is really sad :( I loved him on SNL and the Norm Show. RIP
So sad. Cancer is the worst.
My sister and I used to quote him all the time growing up. One of the first comedians that I remember knowing of. Rip!
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