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Christopher Nolan Cuts Ties with Warner Bros, Moves to Universal for Next Film

  • Previously, we learned that Christopher Nolan was shopping around his next film to various studios after his relationship with Warner Bros soured over the release of Tenet.

  • The film is about J. Robert Oppenheimer, who helped to develop the atomic bomb.

  • Nolan has chosen to make the film with Universal, marking the first time in over a decade that he's not working with Warner Bros.

  • The film, with a budget of $100 million (a number sure to increase, lbr), will shoot in Q1 of 2022. Cillian Murphy has been mentioned as involved, but no firm casting announcements have been made.

Tags: film - in development, film director, universal / universal studios, warner bros

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they probably pulled a 'our theatrical window deal we have wont apply to you' pitch. why else would he be okay with universal and not warners (who gave everything he asked for with tenet).

m night probably has the same deal. old is still not a vod yet and its been over 50 days since release.
Is he mad because his terrible movie, Tenet, was a flop?
wasn't it not a flop, but just the first of the pandemic releases & therefor under scrutiny?

(content wise I agree, flop)
It's a bona fide official flop, & will lose at least $50 million for Warner Bros.
It was a flop, in part, because he stubbornly refused to let them do a simultaneous release when every other major production was doing the same. Then I guess he blamed the studio somehow.
I liked Tenet but I didn’t understand it.
I’m convinced he realized he made a very confusing movie and marketed as such to avoid harsher criticism.
I watched it with subtitles. Somebody told me the audio in some scenes was intentially configured to be hard to understand, because the dialogue "wasn't what was important". Just.... no. So much no.

I haven't really liked anything he's done since Interstellar (which, to be fair, is one of my top movie watching experiences of all time — A+, love that movie).
That's what he did for Interstellar which was bullshit. The music was louder than the dialogue half the time. Intentional or not, it was not a good idea and should never have been nominated for Oscars for sound mixing/editing.
interstellar had the same issues with dialogue. i can only watch it with subs
I didn’t understand it, nor did I like it, nor did I finish it.
It wouldn’t have been difficult to understand if it had a coherent flow of linearity for the time travel. He literally just threw time traveling concepts together and expected people to find it deep or complex.
Watching it felt like being cornered at a party while some dude tries to explain NFTs to you.
i like to pretend i understand it but I only watched because I was told Rpattz was good in it and tbh, he was the only thing in that movie that made sense
i can't decide if i liked it or hated it tbh. there's some guys on reddit who seem to fully understand it which...i just cannot.
he really threw a bitch fit and said he was leaving with all his toys cause they wouldn't have a normal theatrical release of his shitty movie in the middle of a global pandemic

I will never not laugh at this gif. A+++

same bestie
Mediocre White Man threw a tantrum and got rewarded with a new opportunity. Groundbreaking.
god this movie sounds boring, I'm so fucking sick of war movies. I watched 1917 because it was him but I'm not sold on this. Even in the unlikely case that this movie pushes for peace, it still feels just terrible.

That said his pettiness with leaving WB after decades pleases me.
1917 was Mendes lol do you mean Dunkirk? 1917 was the better film tbh
lmao yes I did

I said I don't like war movies, and I watched both of those, and they were stupid and I didn't care for them!! I had thought Nolan had done another WWII movie and then I thought he did 1917 and was like "well that's not wwi". Anyway thanks for the correction, I should just give up on war movies lol.
1917 was sooo much better than Dunkirk imo
I just don’t get the appeal of his films. Same with Tarantino. I’m not their target audience.
I feel the same. Not for me.
Some of them are great concept movies executed well, especially Memento & Inception. Generally his appeal boils down to he does original movies, rather than remaking something, which is very much the same thing as Tarantino. (Both obviously have their inspiration, but they're not making movie franchises except batman)
He's the movie version of "great gowns, beautiful gowns", like, his ideas are good on paper, but the writing is not that great, and some of the concepts are unnecessary convoluted.
Like tenet on paper sounds awesome, yet, when I read more about how he went about and the reviews, I don't even feel like watching the movie, sounds like a mess that's too complicated for no reason.
His more recent movies seem to be more & more focused on the technical side while forgetting that a good movie needs compelling characters/stories, so I don’t blame you.
100%. His characters are so consistently boring and flat.
yeah there is so much exposition in his movies. technically the plots are interesting but emotionally Tenet fell flat . I think Interstellar was the last of his movies with actual interesting characters.
He gave me Interstellar, which is one of my favorite movies. I can at least give him credit for that.
"Nolan wrote the script"

Keep it.
He peaked with Inception, imo.

Although I really liked Dunkirk, and I HATE war films, for the most part.
I love all his movies up to Interstellar, yet I didn't watch Dunkirk, cause like you, I have zero interest in war, western or mafia movies.
lol Interstellar is one of my favorite movies tbh


1 month ago

Yeah Interstellar was his last good one
I hate war movies and especially hate WW2 war movies. They are all the same. There are so many other things to write a story about but it's always about a mediocre white dude. I keep thinking they should do one about the Japanese American internment camps or the 442nd Infantry Regiment.
Men get such a hard-on about his movies. And him personally.

I hate his work. And he gives of 'entitled dick' vibes.
Hire Murphy already.
I do like the fact that his films are big budget and original, it’s not a massively common combination. But Tenet was a big misfire for me. I think releasing it in a pandemic actually saved him a little bit because he could hide behind the fact that not a lot of people saw it.

The premise of this is kind of interesting, sounds like something different from him
ITA. I usually like his films, and occasionally love them, but Tenet was not good and the pandemic insulated it from an even worse reception.
A part of me thinks maybe I would've enjoyed Tenet more in theatres, because Inception took a few watches for me to fully get but I still found myself really enjoying it when I saw it in theatres. Tenet on the other hand I did not get at all and I feel like I probably still would've hated it in a theatre. Robert was hot at least.
Tenet was so fucking bad. Nolan is a whiny little asshole, throwing a fit because WB were worried about debuting a movie in a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. Sit down.
It was honestly nuts to listen to him talk about theaters like we weren't LITERALLY in a pandemic that was outright killing people constantly. I don't care how good your movie is - and Tenet sucked anyway - it's not worth dying or killing someone over. And the way that movie stans acted like people who chose to stay home were somehow morally wrong and responsible for theaters going under was truly wild, like can you people join the rest of us in the real world.
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