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Lauren German & Tom Ellis talking about Lucifer's finale

Let's talk about Lucifer's ending. What do you think about it?
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haven't watched it yet. I love the lighter blonde on Lauren though
I haven’t seen it yet but they look so good
Waiting to see what others say so I know if I should finish it. Only happy endings 🤞🏽🤞🏽
Without spoiling anything - finish it :o)
I was happy with it. I don't want to spoil it though. You should definitely watch it. It's only 10 episodes. I watched it all in one day.
I like it and I don't like it. I need to sit with it more. Everyone at least gets closure.
I wanna f*ck him so bad, does he have nudes?
Not full frontal but we see him naked on the show more than once but never full frontal. Just ass and ab shots lol
Does anyone know what happened with Lauren and the rest of the cast? They all seemed so close before. Constantly posting each other on social media. Now it looks like she's only close with Tom and his wife.

Any drama there? Particularly between her and Lesley-Ann? They seemed like good buddies before.
I know Lesley wasn't very popular with the Spartacus cast.
Lauren seemed to keep in touch with others too, e.g she used to be in Aimee's stories during shooting the last season.

But something must have happened behind the scenes. Lesley-Ann pretty much unfollowed everyone except Tom, Tricia and Inbar I think. Reddit thinks it's either because of political views of Aimee and others being too neutral or because there were apparently rumors that Tom had something with Aimee.
Tbh I'd believe the politics story.

From what I've seen Lauren is really private and quiet. Back when they did cons she'd barely ever did any promo for the show. Even now, Netflix never tags her in the posts. She always turns off her comments when she posts about the show.

I'm willing to bet Lesley Ann was upset Lauren wasn't doing more during the time BLM was everywhere on social media. But as someone who struggles with my own mental health I can also see how a celebrity who is more on the reserved side doesn't have it in them to battle with racist trolls on a daily basis like Lesley ann has been doing.


2 months ago

The politics thing makes sense. Tom made a post back in 2020 where he took a break from Twitter because of all the supporters and racists replying to him being against Trump. Some were people who watched the show. He barely posts on Twitter now, just IG. I don't blame him. Twitter is toxic af.

Lesley-Ann is very vocal. She was arguing with people in comments on Tom's IG page for ignorant comments. Lauren and Aimee aren't political on their social media so I can see that causing a divide with Lesley who is so outspoken about it but Lauren is just a private person.

I don't think Tom had anything going on with Aimee. He treated her like a little sister even though they're like only a year apart. I do remember there being something about Aimee posting pics or videos from the wedding that Tom's wife asked her to take down.

I think overall most of them still get along and they seem to keep in touch. A lot of them share the same trainer as well.

She posts more on her stories than the actual page. She turned her comments off too but I think that's because of some of the crap fans were putting on there. Aimee had her in bts IG stories during the filming of season 6 so I don't think there's any real drama. She just seems to be more private these days.
I know she's close with Aimee and Inbar. I think she's just really private - there was some sort of stalking incident over the summer, judging by her Insta stories.

I'm not sure what LAB's issue is, but I know there was also some drama between Tom's wife and Aimee before season 5 aired.
it all went down during last summer, and it was lesley-ann with the rest of the cast, actually.

she was very vocal about BLM, while others were less so (most posted something, but most were just away from socials like rachael and lauren, while some were on all the time and didn't post shit like aimee and inbar. tom and his wife seemed to be pretty consistent, and i know at the beginning, she spoke highly of DB and mentioned he was taking time away from social media, but something must have happened because she unfollowed him too when she unfollowed most everyone else. i know aimee and inbar were posting a bunch of random shit and advertising an ig live during the height of it at the beginning, and it seems to be a popular assumption that was the last straw for lesley-ann. she unfollowed both, along with everyone else but tom shortly after. she eventually refollowed inbar during filming this last season, but something def went down with them at the time too.


September 14 2021, 16:25:25 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 16:26:21 UTC

Sobbed my way through the last two episodes and feeling betrayed. If I want to spend an hour weeping into a hanky that's what Long Lost Family is for, not my crime solving devil fluff escapism lol

I really liked it though, everything came full circle and Maze remains everything
We'll only get it in my country in late October, because... tbh I have no idea why. Can't be because of the dub because it's already out in one of the neighboring countries that speak the same language and they have the dubbed version.

Lauren German looks like such a cutie in that screencap. How is she so radiant and alive and Decker is just so bland to me?
Because she kept getting progressively more and more filler/Botox done to her face when she was on the show, until she literally had no expression whatsoever, imo. It looks in the screencap like she's backed off with the injections some now.
Omg are you srs?
Decker is one of the most bland heroines I've ever seen in a show; I don't understand it at all. I've never been interested in anything having to do with that character. The new cop played by Merrin Dungey was more interesting with three episodes than Decker was in 6 seasons or whatever. I can't believe that a show that (unfortunately, IMO) never deviated from the central pairing was able to continue when those two had zero chemistry.
Someone spoil me please.
I didn't recognize Lauren with that hair!

I'm only on season 2 with this show but a friend of mine hated the ending and I read her spoilers and now I might just stop at the end of season 5...
I loved it. ♥️


September 14 2021, 16:54:08 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 16:54:52 UTC

I just finished episode 8 and dammit do I hate/love character montages at the end of a series. I was a blubbering mess. I’ll probably cry through the next 2 episodes, too.
Ooo I didn't recognize her with that hair
The ending was exactly what I expected once I realised they were going for a fully [Spoiler (click to open)] happy ending for everyone

Still not sure how I felt about the introduction of Rory and her whole arc but I like the actress so I could only feel so annoyed/meh about it lol
Also wasn't feeling great about the whole "We've been a copaganda show this whole time and never commented on that fact and shit oops so now let's shoe horn a really on the nose episode and include our white lead realising she's been blind to it-and look not all cops aren't all bad!" thing.

Overall though, I'm happy with it and it's a show I've liked enough that I'll rewatch at some point.
Haven't watched the last season yet. I'm soo tempted to read spoilers but idk don't want to ruin it.
I enjoyed it so much more without spoilers. Thankfully Netflix didn't do like they did last season when they gave away major plot points/surprises before the show aired lol
don't spoil it!


September 14 2021, 17:06:45 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 17:31:09 UTC

Why does her hair look like those apps where you can try hair colors? lol
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