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Only Murders in the Building renewed by Hulu

Tags: renewal, selena gomez, television - hulu

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Yeeeeeeees. I loved ep 5 and Charles and Oliver's dynamic in the car. And ofc, Mabel's outfit.
"She does have great boots."
good 4 selena
Ngl, I was hoping this was a one and done.
I'm confused how there could be a 2nd season? Seems like a one-and-done deal. Anyways, I like this show and I haven't seen Selena G act in a while, I prefer her as a pop star, but I was pleasantly surprised. Her medicated and zoned out way of speaking works for Mabel's apathy.
I feel shows that are perfect as one season always get renewed because it’s popular like Veronica Mars and Big Little Lies and inevitably the plot goes to crap in S2
there is a trend of making a 2nd season of tv shows that clearly don't need one, white lotus, big little lies, now this one, i felt kinda like that with Homecoming S2 but i was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it (the critics didn't agree with me on that lol) and all because the first season was more popular than what they expected

Awww I feel like White Lotus could kind of work because they are doing a completely different resort location/characters for the next season.


5 days ago

I can totally see them do more storylines in a second season. After all, there are Only Murders in the Building 😜

I'm really happy it's getting another one. I love Martin Short and I've been a fan of Selena ever since WoWP - she's a way better comedic actress than a pop star and I'm glad she's finally got back in it
I’m just hoping they solve this murder and wrap it up then the next season is a totally different murder. I hate when seasons end on cliffhangers. I don’t want them dragging this mystery out forever but I would still love to see them together bc they’re fun to watch. The podcast gives them a great reason to continue.
I am consistently surprised at just how much I'm enjoying this show and especially Selena in it. I got my partner into it as well and now he gets mad if I try to watch without him, lol. I was in NYC last week and saw the Ansonia (the building the show is based on) and it's beautiful and huge.
My kingdom for an apartment at the Ansonia tbh
I'm constantly checking pictures from the building now lol I remember seeing an apartament listed for 3,6 million and I thought it was really 'cheap', I figured they'd be 10+ million at least.
I tried to watch this and the acting/vibe was too "old people will love this show" and I couldn't stand it lol
There is something very dated about the general vibe of this show. It feels very much like a Disney version of Manhattan.
My first impression was a cross between Woody Allen (who already did a movie like this 30 years ago) and Wes Anderson.


5 days ago



I saw the interview of the three of them with Colbert and I couldn’t stand Steve Martin and Martin Short irl, they were insufferable and kept patronising Selena or cutting her or Colbert off even though it was obvious he needed to end to go to commercial. They just felt like men from a bygone era when these things were acceptable, like back when David Letterman and Woody Allen were popular
I like the dynamic between Steve Martin and Martin Short on the show. They have a good chemistry that goes back to their roles in the Father of the Bride movies. But they have always seemed kind of insufferable in interviews, like they always have to be "on" or something.
Yeah, it was a lot. I really enjoyed her solo interview with Seth Meyers -- she seems pretty cool.


5 days ago


5 days ago

It's like those two best friends who have been best friends for so long its hard to get a word in edgewise because they're already fifty feet ahead of you.

Source - me and my best friend lol
Yeah, it was a lot. I really enjoyed her solo interview with Seth Meyers -- she seems pretty cool.
not sure how I feel about this, I'm really enjoying the show but it seems pointless to keep it going given the premise. Either way, I'm sure I'll keep watching it but I hate myself for starting before it was done, I had no idea I'd like it this much so now I have to wait a whole week for a new episode.
I got really jazzed seeing that I had three episodes to catch up on until I realized two of them were "airing on Sept. XX"

I really wish they just released all the episodes at once or made them longer. I’m watching this with my family and the length of the episodes made them grumpy and refuse to watch it until it’s done lol.

Yes, love it. Those 3 are so cute! 😀
Yay!! This show makes me look forward to Tuesdays lol.
how long is this season gonna be?
8 episodes.
Yay. I'm enjoying this season more than enough that I'm willing to trust them with a second season.
I’m surprised how much I’m
Enjoying this show tbh…

Hopefully the second season is a new story with new characters
I like the show but i had no idea that was Selena’s talking voice (I only know her autotuned singing voice or whoever sings in her place) and I hate it. I constantly think, give her some water.
I'm loving this show a lot more than I was expecting so I'm pretty happy with this :D

Also, Selena's outfits in the show are fantastic!! <3333
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