melancolour (melancolour) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jason Derulo orders life sized cake of himself

Jason Derulo, who did not fall down the stairs at the Met this year once again because he's never been to the Met, instead spent the night eating a life sized cake of himself (probably).

Source two

What medium would you like to have a portrait of yourself done in, ONTD?
Tags: food / food industry, jason derulo

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I don't like him
Mama Ru not impressed.
um i would want a painting not a cake.
he didn't even sing his name. lame
Maybe his auto tune machine broke, that's why.
This is kinda sad and weird
He just seems so idk repulsive? Like super into himself and no one will ever be into him more than he’s into himself.
I wouldn't get a cake of me but if I had a shit ton of money I'd order a crazy cake just for the hell of it every so often. It'd be fun to try out different local bakeries.
i love this idea! writing it down for if i get insanely rich out of nowhere
Why don't you make a cake version of your dick and eat that?
i'm more of an Erato than a muse of that sort
This looks so uncomfortable just from the stills that i can't bring myself to hit play.
This guy's whole career needs to be sponsored by Velvetta because he is cheesy beyond belief.
I like the idea of a fake cheese sponsoring a fake artist
Those cakes are amazing! But I'd feel really weird eating someone's face. I'd do it, but I'd feel weird.
This guy remains a desperate stunt queen.

Sorry dude but your career lost steam in 2010, go away already.
Just like Jennifer Hudsons’s wax figure, I cannot tell the difference between the two.
I would like a red velvet me please thanks.
is he really jason derulo if he doesn't sing his name

i would also like to unsee that shot of his cake crotch
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