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So Which Usual Suspects were missing at the Met Gala?

Attending the Met required vaccination proof and a negative test

and some usual guests were blatantly missing

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please add if you know something more!
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I can't believe Ciara wore that neon green. From the pics I saw of her I think she couldn't either.
Who is this? I thought it was Selena Gomez.

Kaia Gerber
tyty! I wanted a better look at her hair.
Well dua lipa wasn’t there because she probs won’t get vaccinated and is her own special strain of COVID 😂
i feel like even if she got vaccinated she wouldnt tell anyone cause she wouldnt want her anti-vaxx boyfriend to find out which.... is still a lot of questionable life choices
I don't necessarily think this is a good judgment of who is vaxxed. We're still in a blooming pandemic and I wouldn't want to cram into bathroom with a bunch of people taking selfies either. Very few people were wearing masks. I think most of the major celebs are probably just being cautious.
Why focus on their Vax status as a reason for non attendance? Maybe they stayed home because being seen on a red carpet with social media 'influencers' was unappealing.
sure jan


September 14 2021, 20:33:47 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 20:38:26 UTC

gigi hadid went so im assuming she's vaccinated and she's in the same family issues boat as bella hadid. but gigi does seem to be the wisest of the siblings

taylor won aoty this year so she was definitely invited and chose not to go. i originally thought maybe she was still worried about the pandemic but she got spotted in ireland taking like 50 selfies, maskless, with a bunch of partiers and employees. so that's not it

edit: selena gomez has lupus. she probably didnt think it was worth it to go to a mass gathering and still risk catching it even if she's vaccinated. also i think she used to get her invites through louis vuitton when she was an ambassador for them but im not sure if she is anymore
if I had to guess, Taylor probably didn't go because she doesn't want to give anyone a reason to talk about the last time she went lol
lmao very true; too bad, that would've been so entertaining for us. she's bound to go back one day. she loves pleasing vogue usa too much
Yall talking about vaccination status when the simple explanation is that alot of them either didnt want to go or couldn't go. That's the main reason why the guestlist look like it did.


September 15 2021, 16:28:59 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  September 15 2021, 16:29:20 UTC

I mean, exactly. These were the rumors from the beginning. That Anna first was inviting a lot of influencers and that she also didn't invite a lot of established/prestige people. Also the theme was uninspiring/too broad. I have no doubt some celebs are anti-vaxx but some of the people who are being thrown around would HAVE to be vaxxed to be working the way they are, like SJP. No way she's filming around NYC without it, especially when so many production crews have had to pause for cases/breakthrough infections. Bella makes more sense bc her family is wild but she just posted a pic about being vaxxed. Zendaya is obviously working, but she's also such a weird one to latch onto since she's practically always pictured masked up. And Selena Gomez is literally immunocompromised, of course she didn't go to this shit to risk getting sick for Z-listers.
Taylor Swift was spotted in Northern Ireland, and hasn't she not gone since 2016 anyway?


September 16 2021, 01:21:14 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  September 16 2021, 01:21:53 UTC

no MK&A, no thanks.

Also, Christina Ricci because she delivers all the time

Taylor Swift was in Belfast, Ireland with her boyfriend.
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