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So Which Usual Suspects were missing at the Met Gala?

Attending the Met required vaccination proof and a negative test

and some usual guests were blatantly missing

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please add if you know something more!
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I saw some seating charts going around social media showing all these ~influencer~ YouTuber nobody assholes alongside actual celebs and it was just...depressing.

also re: Nicki not being there, lmaoooooo @ "chlamydia" trending in the U.S. right now because of her asinine claim about her cousin with a bike 😆😆 (well...I guess he's not riding a bike rn, because...yeah.)
screaming. her twitter meltdown was a hot mess and she deserved all the dragging she got.
gawker posted blind items about celebs who didn't/couldn't attend cuz of the vaxx requirement

#2 is definitely about dua + anward
#3 is seemingly about zendaya but don't buy it

Is #1 Kendall and Hailey Baldwin?
Zendaya is vaccinated
Lily Collins? It’s not Zendaya, she’s vaxxed. But Lily has the second season of EIP that may be filming or she could use that? I feel like she’s gone before.
The Deux Moi subreddit was saying EIP shot over the summer already but it was more likely cos she just got married and was probably on her honeymoon
yeah it also seems like #2 is saying zoe and channing replaced them lol
Zendaya is vaccinated - she couldn’t make it because she was filming Euphoria.


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September 14 2021, 14:06:38 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 14:07:47 UTC

Hmm, the thing about this is there were also reports that people weren't going or dropped out last minute because they were (rightfully) nervous about partying it up in the midst of a pandemic that's still raging. I have no doubt a lot of celebs probably weren't there because they are lowkey (maybe highkey) conservative and/or anti vaxx, but there's also a possibility that people were genuinely like no thanks to a possible break through infection.

The Zendaya thing is especially weird because she's been pictured adhering to mask mandates (not to mention she was papped getting her vaccine) at all the events she's been to when other celebs were blatantly not doing that. All this just because Onika, an obviously terrible person, is stupid as hell.
I liked AOC's dress and everyone else who was not Lil Nas X underwhelmed me

I heard that Anna was very mad about the press surrounding this Met Gala and she has no one to blame for it except herself. I heard that she deliberately did not invite a lot of the older guests who in the past really put the Met Gala on the map (which would explain why folks like SLP, Tom and Giselle, etc weren't there) in favor of younger influenstars and it backfired horribly. A lot of those kids wore the most tackiest shit too.
And a lot of them just didn't try at all.
and older guests might have actually have some real american vintage in their wardrobes
it seems odd that she would do that when she didn't even want to invite Kim Kardashian for years, if i remember correctly. like, for her to go from that to wanting youtubers there is so odd.
Anna has a tendency to chase trends, and Youtube/Tiktok people are trendy, shiny, and new. The thing is, most of the successful Met Balls in the past has had a good mix of people; the "old guard" who brings it every ball (I would put SLP, Madonna, Rhianna, Fan BingBing, etc in this group), some up and coming folks, the models, as well as some very rich ordinary folks you don't see on TV who got an invite and paid to be there. This year, the list skewed so young it was a relief to see old heads like Iman and Debbie Harry showing how it's done because other than Lil Nas X, Grimes, and a few others 0 effort was made. I mean, look at what Carmilla Cabello and that Troye kid wore. Anna got exactly what she deserved.
I feel that someone like SJP would ALWAYS get an invite though. Plus, she has the Sex and the City reboot to promote. It would have been good for her to be there.


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2 days ago

I would have loved to see SJP at this year’s gala.
The NFL has pretty strict protocols. If Tom went to a big party in a different state he might not have been able to attend practice.


2 days ago

She is SUCH a fucking jackass, holy shit. Not at all surprised, mind you.

This was my favorite.
I don't understand trying to tie non-attendance to vaxx status. When it could be as simple as, they weren't invited or had nothing tp promote or had no designer to invite them and just didn't want to spend the money.
I noticed that a lot of American designers don't fuck with Anna any more for whatever reason because a lot of those folks have the money for a whole table. Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Hilfiger, and others were conspicuous by their absence.
To be fair (but not saying you're wrong), they aren't doing a high fashion collection at Klein anymore, Marc Jacobs has to watch his pennies nowadays, and Hilfiger I can't speak about. It may be as simple as not wanting to spend the money when there's no benefit to the brand. But I think you are on to something.
I love giving us their vax status, OP!!
the met gala has gone full coachella


September 14 2021, 14:40:24 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 15:03:46 UTC

😂 Nicki’s dumbass really ratted everyone out. But I’m sure there’s other reasons for some of them.

I think if I’m single years from now, I’ll still want to know how my potential flings/boyfriends behaved during the pandemic. Did you protest the use of masks? Did you get vaccinated? Did you “do your own research?”
Feels unfair to speculate that they might not be there for vaccination reasons. Let's be real, like all rich people, almost all celebrities got vaccinated at the very beginning.

My boss is vaxxed but his fiancee is anti vaxx so I don't always consider partners' statuses as proof either way.

An antivaxx fiance? Jesus fix it
Jesus said get the vax, Rona will fix it.
Yep. My pregnant/vaxxed neighbor couldn't have her husband in the delivery room with her because he refused to get vaxxed and caught covid the week she was due. What a dumbass.


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2 days ago

Lord help him with that marriage.
it was so funny that CL showed up. when it got out that Rosé was going to the Met gala a lot of people were quick to start with the "first kpop female idol to". loved it
If more events and places start checking for vaccine proof I'm wondering what's gonna happen with Dua Lipa, she's been everywhere during the pandemic and if' shes not vaccinated couldn't this put a stop on her tour plans? Or maybe she's hoping things are better by then so she won't have to get it?
And of course Cardi is absent for obvious reasons.
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