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Best & Worst of Influencers at The 2021 Met Gala

It was a night full of stars... and influencers.

A handful of the Internets biggest personalities were invited to the 2021 Met Gala last night. The theme this year was In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.



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Of the lucky few that were invited... Who do you think understood the assignment? Also how do you overall feel about influencers being invited to the Met Gala?


Addison Rae
Dixie D’Amelio
Emma Chamberlain
Eugene Lee
Jackie Aina
Madison Beer
Nikkie de Jeger


Addison Rae
Dixie D’Amelio
Emma Chamberlain
Eugene Lee
Jackie Aina
Madison Beer
Nikkie de Jeger

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Tags: beauty / makeup, fashion, internet celebrities, lgbtq / rights, red carpet and event

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a bit off topic but I love this ...
Someone go over how this Emma Chamberlain got famous please.
Thanks for sharing this. This smokey glow girl is actually one of the least annoying youtubers I’ve seen.
I don't know who any of these people are, except Jackie and Eugene.
I’ve always adored Janelle’s met gala looks and I was hoping to see her there! There’s always next year!
Emma Chamberlain looks like timothee
eugene lewking like a mess omg what is that make up thooo?? and the tacky boots???
Just here to say Nikkie nailed it and I love her
my only question is why they called Eugene Eugene Lee when his name is Eugene Lee Yang


September 14 2021, 16:46:08 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 16:46:27 UTC

They misspelled Nikkie's last name too (should be de Jager)
funny how its the non cishets (and in eugenes case non white) people whose names got misspelled
for real, that's all I wanted to say


3 days ago

This is a whole lotta 'who' for me
Hmmm @ them getting Nikkie's last name wrong.
this look is pretty expected from eugene, like i think almost every red carpet he's gone to he dresses pretty similar. i gotta say :( i have really felt at odds with him since he advertised some weird ass amazon app that corrects your tone??? especially because i related to him a lot in that he has spoken up about how people make a lot of assumptions about how he is cold or whatever. society really fucks with what emotions should look and sound like so advertising something that literally listens to you and is like "hey you sounded like a dick today lol fix that" blew my fucking mind. i knee jerk was like oh i probably need that and then got really sad. sigh.

nikkie's look was great. i think i like jackie's too.

He said on the red carpet that he was supposed to wear a dress. He looked kind of disappointed.

that makes a lot more sense! because when he goes out, he goes out. this is like his everyday red carpet for him haha
So I have a soft spot for the Try Guys, so I’m glad Eugene had the opportunity to experience going to the MET gala. That said, he’s such a stunning man in his everyday looks…but when he goes formal or goes for a made up look, it just rarely works. His hair is such a signature for him, but with these kinds of looks he always slicks it back so severely. Also, the shoes.
YASS Ms. Aina! And Nikkie OFC looked the best of these

LOL @ Madison being an 'influencer' now what with a whole musical career she sabotaged
the only name i know is madison beer
emma is tiny! i'm not a fan of any of these looks.
She’s spoken out before about having an ed and she’s lost a lot of weight again recently :/
oh i didn't know that :(
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