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Ontd Original: Celebrities posing with their Madame Tussauds wax figures


-Jennifer Hudson had a Madame Tussauds wax figure unveiled just in time for her birthday, Here is a look back at other stars who posed with their Madam Tussauds wax figures.



Helen Mirren


Ryan Reynolds


Betty White


Video Of Jennifer's Unveiling



Tags: actor / actress, betty white / the golden girls, helen mirren, jennifer hudson, ontd original, ryan reynolds, zendaya

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Jennifer and Betty’s actually tricked me lol 😅!

These ones are good.
SAME!! It's SO good!
Same. In that first pic I thought the left was her bc it’s looking at the camera but then I got to the video at the bottom and was like wait what

Deleted comment

that first one's pretty accurate
i bet he does that to his hair in the mirror when it/he's clean enough and looks exactly like this.

RE: im cackling


September 14 2021, 12:24:14 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 12:25:33 UTC

I can’t figure out who that one is supposed to be!

Oh wait I think it’s Leonardo DiCaprio? But has his hair ever been that color??
I'm trying to figure out the third one. I looks like it could be Prince William with a more forgiving hairline.

Deleted comment


1 month ago

these are awful.... I LOVE IT!
The third one looks like daddy Cullen in Twilight!
They keep coming closer!
I like the sort of impressionist detailing around the eyes... but idk who these people are meant to be

Except Leo, that one is honest
🤣 why is Naomi watts in Hilary Clinton(?) Cosplay? Is that Nicolas cage or prince Charles? So many questions
I just wanna know why Jim Carrey's death mask is on the wall next to Wide Leo


September 14 2021, 05:38:58 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 05:40:06 UTC

i couldn't tell that was a lanyard around the wrist at first what even
Its funny every time, the detail in her skin then you get up to her face
Her head looks pasted on
How very nekci menij of Madame Toussauds
what an unusual look for america ferrera.
Melt this down
face looks like a mix between evangeline lily and nicki minaj
Dude. Jennifer Hudson’s is scary good. I stared at that pic for so long and still got it wrong.
Fucking same!!
Ryan Reynolds looks so in love with himself. His looks the worst which he deserves.
At least they captured his receding hairline accurately.
I had to do a double take with Betty's lol
Betty’s is so good. Helen’s looks okay, but also Shailene W. in 40ish years vibes, too?
i was gonna say "did wax figures get better recently" but then remembered i only ever see them in like '10 worst wax figures' listicles lol. these all look pretty good minus ryan reynolds i guess. and even his still looks just like him, it's just visibly a figure
Some of these are really good! It must be weird/cool to have one of these made of you.
The Zendaya ones are a little off lol

The rest are really good
Even Ryan Reynolds' one?

ryan's looks sooooo bad lmfao.

i'm still so sad the wax museum closest to me closed. i loved going there. especially the chamber of horrors!

There's a few that are just plain bad lmao
Iirc biebers was one?

Helen Mirren's looks identical.
ok jennifer's had me
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