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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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so i see very few are still fitting with the theme

and yet not one american flag im shocked
That's the real surprise of this met gala, maybe there was a memo? Lol
i wasn't expecting the marilyn moment from billie but she looks great
Billie Eilish's dress....I am emotional. She looks beautiful.
she looks so gorgeous, it's such a contrast from what she wore last night
Ilana is terrible at this
She's a comedian, I love her but idk why they had her be one of the host, Keke makes perfect sense though
I’d like less prom and more outlandish and interesting.
same lol

this is the met youre suppose to go all out! dont be afraid!

thats why everyone always looks forwards to zendaya and rihanna and lady gaga (well idk about lately) bc they always understand the assignment


September 13 2021, 22:41:55 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 22:42:21 UTC

Here's a full view. Except cut off whoops. She's smiling in this one? LOL.
i hate her hair
omg her hair! WHO did that to her
that wig<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
i hate the colour of her hair so much
this is the same person everyone above says looks so beautiful? is it better in motion? that dress isn't doing her favors imo. clashes with her hair and all around doesn't seem to fit her well.

also i am terrible at fashion, so take my remarks with a grain of salt.
yeah seeing it close up it doesn't look quite the same lmao
i feel you. this whole look is terrible.
yeah, looks way better in motion and a lil aerial so you can see the train. her tiddys look amazeballs too.
Like if Scoobie Doo's Velma randomly decided to try to compete with Daphne .
BE does LG
she looks stunning and i like the dress but its not enuff for met imo
I loooove tulle.
love a big ass dress, but that hair is aging her and washing her out.
She's giving me Mary Lou from Prom Night II vibes
Great gown. Horrible makeup.
Who gave her the Hillary Clinton hair?

Re: billie


September 13 2021, 22:48:58 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 22:50:34 UTC

I feel like if they had done a sleeker bob ala Mae West it would've worked better, this is just too poofy on top and bottom

Love that dress tho
maybe if this dress was like a deep blood red i'd feel it but as it stands, it's giving miss pacman's nipple
I just took a puff and then read this comment and choked omg lmfaoooooooooooooo
it's a great gown but why is her hair so bad… it should not be that difficult to pull off marilyn drag on a pretty young blonde woman lol
i love the dress but the hair is doing her no favors
That wig/hair is Terrible
I never expected Billie Eilish to be a ball gown girl but she looks beautiful
chance and his wife are awkward af
Aww, Billie looks so beautiful. She is really leaning into the old Hollywood vibe this era. Not sure how people manage to sit at a table in these huge dresses but good for her.

However not a fan of Ilana describing her looks as masc and femme, considering that those have strong roots in the LGBTQ community.
i dont like billie's makeup :\
i don't either tbh, it feels too dark for such a light look and the combination of makeup + hair is really making her look like an mlm housewife from the neck up
Should have picked a dark lip or a dark eye. Not both with this light dress.
she would have been better served w/ 50s style winged liner + light eyeshadow
Lewis is in New York and rumours are he's attending, I'm interested to see what he rocks up in.
seems like he flew in to n.y. specifically for this, don't know why else he would be there. he has interesting fashion at least
i don't like billie's hair
ion like it either
hillary clinton hair
yes lmao
They should have pushed the style just a little bit farther to get that coiffed look.

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