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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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She's doing such a good job.
Demna is very post Soviet reaction to western fashion
my red and white blood cells linking up in my bloodstream
the Ella Emhoff outfit is giving me TLC vibes


September 13 2021, 22:27:50 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 22:28:18 UTC

pretty dress
I feel like she always wears this same exact dress
From what I recall from The September Issue her wardrobe is pretty limited. Which I can respect. She probably borrows a lot anyway
How is she still in charge of this event? Everyone is so casual this year damn
i'm so utterly sick of that hair.
i hope most celebs know that we'll all assume they're unvaccinated if they don't show up lol
i'm glad zendaya already said she's got to be filming lmao

there's a few people i'm curious to see if they show up or not ngl!
SZA just posted on her story she isn't going, but a couple days ago on live with Amandla Stenberg, she said they were supposed to sit at the same table so...hmmmm
sza was at the vmas last night


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I hate the weird point of the shoes but I dig the outfit

Re: guess who


September 13 2021, 22:30:03 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 22:30:23 UTC

lol I guessed Christina Ricci... just a little bit off
i thought the same
I knew who it was, but I was aware of her eyebrows
I thought Rita Moreno at first.
i actually love this, wow.
i miss her brows 😭
ooh i love it, the bleached eyebrows here really work this
bimini bon boulash
I knew this but only because of the post with her at some event the other day. Is it just her eyebrows being bleached that makes her look so odd?
I like it and her lack of eyebrows actually works here.
idk if it fits whatever tf the theme is, but i like it

Re: guess who


September 13 2021, 22:37:22 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 22:38:05 UTC

i love how she ended up being the hf darling from got lmao
ooooooo I kinda love this for her. someone needs to cast her as a flapper in a show or movie she's got the perfect 20s/30s period look
How does Anna' dress fit her theme?
she's always bland
she's prob wearing those same ugly nude shoes underneath
de la renta is an american designer. she rarely goes on theme herself
Ah that's the link? Ok.
Thanks bb
She's honoring Oscar De La Renta's memory bc he brought her to the MET in the first place


1 month ago

Thank you for provided photos everyone so I can do my readings and not watch that painful live stream
ooo megan fox 👀
She’s there?
SZA announced she's not going.
Gotta let the face work settle a bit more tbh
I don’t think I’ve ever seen her at the met before
yeah i'm pretty sure this is her first one ever which is wild
idt she's been invited before, i hate how she's suddenly everywhere just bc she's dating the racist when she should've never been blacklisted to begin with
I like
i don't love it but she looks beautiful.
giving me 'devil in a red dress' vibes!
She's. Sooooo gorgeous
this reminds me of katinka from zoolander for some reason lol
I don’t understand why people still wear these kind of heels they look so dated and tacky I hate them


1 month ago

Bettie Page vibes with those bangs! I'd love if that was deliberate
Why is Megan Fox here seems so random
because she's famous and beautiful
she's been on a glorified press tour for her relationship w/ the ugly racist and anna loves ppl who get press

wonder if he's there??
hahahahaha OT OT a bit but "not nicki" is trending on twitter rn and im dyinggg she is getting DRAGGED im so here for it
Lol about time ahahah
It's a diversion. In a few days, we'll hear about her husband going to prison or some lawsuit against her or something like that. The fact that she's willing to sacrifice her dignity for that man is so damn pathetic 🙄
ok into barbie's dress but maybe not her hair
i was just thinking barbie's dress is my favorite so far but yeah the hair should have been some kind of fingerwave updo i think
Keke saying 'I need the phonetic' before meeting the tennis player with a hot mic love her so much

I guess 2021 really is the year of the gimp mask.
Kanye really loves to fuck with fashion and pop culture uh
american horror story

Oh to be privileged