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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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Everyone's probably gone but can someone help me find the arrivals post for the 2018 gala? I can't seem to find it. Please don't tell me it was deleted!
Oh womp womp that's why. I thought that was just a post about the Clooney's lmfao. Thanks!
Nothing will ever top Heavenly Bodies, they should have stopped the MET gala after that.
Rihanna and Katy Perry, Debbie Harry, Iman.... win.

y’all hope the artist got Paid

lmao i waited to load this post bc i was afraid all the pics and embedded shit would load my browser up too much

there are no pics

what a
something lmao
All the underwhelming garnets


I need to find someone way more knowledgeable in fashion history to really break down some of the references here bc most of what I see is utter nonsense. And yeah that’s technically American af but a cop out on what I expected. The audacity of not being on theme AND your outfit is boring/ugly. At least commit! Props to attendees like Dan Levy and LNX…Dan’s was a lot and seemed very on the nose but had additional theme-relevant background to it I appreciate. LNX took notes on Gaga’s 3-costumes-in-1 from the Camp year, and idk how it related to the theme but it was interesting and he looked good. I’m not even the most fashionable fashion girl, but watching these beautiful rich ppl with decades of archives and custom designs at their fingertips only to choose their choices is bordering on painful lol. Designers’ literal fashion muses showing up in the most blah outfits…how Sway? I feel this way every year and keep coming back; the MET Gala is one of my longer toxic relationships tbqh.

Also, not Rihanna and Rocky showing up at the end of the night in sleeping bags and quilts lmao…are sleepovers strictly an American concept? Is it the CP time that’s American? Iconic American cartoon characters maybe? Junkyard Gang or Waynehead, but make it fashion? How to make an American quilt? Lol I’m spiraling here.
the "In America" title reminded me of Bandit Keith from Yu-Gi-Oh