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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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he did not take off the quilt to show off this boring another lack of theme tux
Hope Riri’s happy 😊
oh, it's another suit...
he should've kept the quilt on tbh
I actually liked that quit because it reminds of crunch berries cereal!! 😅
Oh. Yawn
Put the quilt back on.
Will people put the Avengers theme to this?

she needs to rih track and pick another outfit out smdh
I literally can't hate anything she wears. She's like a fashion ninja
Reminds me more of Fruity Captain Crunch!


they both look... cozy, lol
lmao at her smug ass face in that first pic. That's the face of a woman who knows she can hang out with rapists, constantly be offensive and racist, show up hours late to a party and still have people fawn over her.
That look on his face. He's even wondering how he got an invite.
Que Rih-dicula con el

their looks are bad but they seem happy
Adorable huh??
What happens next? Is there dinner?
Yeah its the whole party now.
oh thank god rihanna and her man are vaxxed
i cant!!!

they got all this money and thats what they get!?
Met Gala: Fyre Festival edition.
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO nnnnnnn!!!! I love Keke.

They need to bring her back every year TBH.

Is it me or did. Kendall got work did? Her nose looks different

Kendall has had a ton of work done. nose job, lip filler, cheek fillers and an eyebrow lift
Her face is as done as her sisters. She's always getting tweaked.
she gets new work done like every week like the rest of the kkklan
You know if a Kpop girl was gonna be there. It should have been Hyuna (and I guess Dawn could come too). I know she's not as popular or known but I just don't get why CL or Rosé got an invite and showed up looking so boring. I'd rather see their tacky take on the theme lmaoooo
oh my god riri stop. she's going to show up like....in the morning next time or the next fucking day at this point.
How does she go to the bathroom in that?!
She just lets go, maybe that's why it's so bloated?
ugh rih looks stunning

glad she’s vaccinated 😮‍💨
all that hype for rihanna to legit wear a a car cover.
I’m saying though

omg Kendall looks even more emaciated in motion, girl needs some guac and chips

So unlikeable lmao
Gigi's speaking voice always jars me. Chloe Fineman does a great impression of her.

(I'm surprised Chloe is vaxxed? Isn't she Sci?)
I'm just so glad rihanna is vaxxed lol