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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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"how do we get more attention on us tonight"
Rosé her dress looks like its from H&M, so goddamn boring.

Zendaya is working and Beyonce is on vacation in Italy.
i totally forgot about blake! she shouldve been there

ik shes vaxxed tho
I know the requirement is that you need to be vaxxed to be there, but I still think it makes you look tone deaf being there since things really aren't better
Rihanna and Zendaya are the only ones worth mentioning. Everyone else mentioned is boring.
Harolds on tour and was meant to have a show tonight in Houston, though it got cancelled/post phoned bc of the storm. He’s definitely vaxxed and pushing fans to get it on tour.

Gaga has been really quiet lately I feel

I dunno what’s up with Rihanna. I feel like she’s a I’m not late, you were just early type but people said she’s hosting an after party
I'm sweating 😰😰😰
Someone said Blake’s father died recently. But Rihanna is hosting an after-Met party, is she not?
I’m tired of them sneaking Beyoncé’s name in the conversation as if her outfits in the past have been spectacular. She wears the same outfit in different Color everytime.
Yeah she always looks pretty but her outfits are always the same.

Long v-slit in the chest area and then another v-slit in the leg.

Hair in ponytail or hair down.
I guess she's not all that, huh
Did I miss the ONTD critique of everyone’s favorite 28 year old*, Ben Platt? I’m wondering what his thought process was- “hmmm, they already think I’m way old, so I’ll wear this very 70s looking outfit to thrown them off.”
i dont understand any of the dresses in this photo
Anyway my fave male look of the night was Dan Levy. I was hoping something better would come along but the theme was great and the gay Canada/America makeout sesh is beautiful lol

hes in my top 3 for sure for the same exact reason! best dressed guy
lol I love it
wong’s gown is incredible holy shit
thats cool but i like the original a bit more.
"paying respects"

I love Gemma but.....is she?
"ugh her mind" and not like it was the stylist...
Good for him. Glad to see he's okay after yesterday tbh

The turnaround from him crashing in Monza yesterday and now being at the Met Gala is wild to me. He's probably sore and tired as hell.

I really love his look. He did a lot more than most of the men tonight
Yeah I'm pretty surprised to see him here tbh. That crash was gnarly.

if rihanna is hosting a after party.. surely she couldve been there..
I saw a fan account tweet that she's apparently in LA.
omg genbu weve been dragged her name through the mud this whole time and she isnt even in the state?!


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Queen 😍

I was thinking that -- boring and not quite Following the Assignment™️, but after hearing him talk about the stress and shitty feelings that came along with wearing dresses and presenting femme on red carpets for all these years, it's nice to think that he's finally feeling happy. ❤

(but seriously THERE'S A THEME SIR)
Agreed…though I do wish the fit of the suit had been better.
vogue is right on cue blowing smoke up AOC's ass for her ~statement~ look
Vanity Fair too
hundreds other will follow. barf emoji


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