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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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Love, love, love Dan's David Wojnarowicz tribute/reference. Even if it is, just a little, wearing him.
reminds me a little of that spitting Jurassic Park dinosaur.
wow that color pops! she looks great.
Everything about this is so stunning.
oh wow that color looks amazing on her
i'm sorry but that's a prom dress
lol i was thinking the same, it's a very beautiful prom dress
a really cheap looking one
My first thought as well.
Omg she looks stunning. That colour is perfect!
dont care for the dress itself but the color is amazing on her. she's glowing 😍
Gorgeous colour. Not sure about the style.
The bag + face stones are a serve - the dress is giving Windsor
Amanda Gorham's Edie Parker clutch says 'Give Me Your Tired', I LOVE it.
She looks gorgeous, and I like the crystals on her face. The dress proportions are not my fav and color/fabrication looks like cheap to me even though I know it's basically couture.
Keke always looks amazing
the guys so far all look super washed out in the face, get some powder on there
the angles on the vogue stream are so annoying

it's so far out that i can't tell who half of the people are at first lol
have we already seen three people wear sneakers?
what is more american than sneakers!
they should have gone all out and wear some yoga pants and a cropped sweater-shirt.

IDK who this guy is but I mean... he gave the minimum amount of effort.
The cowboy? Looks like Leon Bridges. He’s a great musician but I don’t like this look. If it’s him, he’s usually got great fashion so this is weird.
I later saw a tweet confirming it was him.
I have to go to the store but I don't want to miss all the tragic looks and the chance to be disgusted and disappointed in real-time!!!

I hate being in this time zone right now because I’ll probably miss all the good looks, gotta go to bed soon :(
so far dan levy is the only person who understood the theme


September 13 2021, 22:23:56 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 22:26:16 UTC

seeing dan levy actually make an effort as a man is such a relief even though he looks constipated lol

not rihanna looking better arriving in a robe and a nightie before getting dressed inside than most of the people will tonight in their full lewks
This feels like such a weird met gala lol
the theme is too aimless/not fun imo
the met gala is only truly entertaining when the theme is super explicit
yeah ia. everyone looks like they're dressed for a different theme because it was too general/vague.
We had two good year is a row with the religion and then camp themes
Instead of America, be specific. Make it like 50s Americana or Great Gatsby idk.
Amanda Gorman is wearing Vera Wang and said its supposed a re-imagine statue of liberty.
Yeah her clutch says "GIVE US YOUR TIRED". Someone asked for Statue of Liberty, here she is!
i wish she wouldve worn some type of crown for it tbh!
i like dan's look tbh its different and fits the theme even if its not the most asethically pleasing outfit
The theme is America so by default I expect the looks to be subpar.
I’m already disappointed by Timmy! I’m usually obsessed with his style and this look is not it. Also he cut his hair which for me is always a sad thing to see men do lmao.