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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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kind of love this... very different than what she usually wears.
I don't know if this on theme but OMG she looks super cute!!

I wish she would've done more with the hair!

Whoopi's purple goes lovely with her pink!
I see it as a disney princess dress and I don't think it could be any more on theme than that.
oooh I like this!
this is insane, I love it
She’s been killing it, love her


September 14 2021, 01:06:06 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 01:06:29 UTC

I'll actually give Lourdes credit and points for not shaving her pits and sticking by it.
serving prom night in poughkeepsie
wow shes beautiful
Not feeling the outfit, but the girl is STUNNING <3.
She is absolutely stunning
I wish the gloves had been the blue-green color under the purple dress!!! That's a gorgeous color combo
What in the Barney hell

Um haley looking like fergie

idk her but I love this! idk how appropriate it is for a fancy schmancy event though.
I saw this in the background and ooped. She understood the assignment! Love it
Lol irl what
I kind of love this.
so no rihanna?
Ok I’m really starting to think Zendaya isn’t vaccinated. Why is the entire cast there EXCEPT her?
I read that she's working on Euphoria - she already took off last week to do Dune promo.
In an interview she said she took a lot of time off filming euphoria to attend the dune press tour and that she'd be skipping the met gala to catch up with filming
She confirmed she wasn't attending due to season 2 Euphoria filming a few days ago.
She is, there's pics of her being vaccinated. She's got stuff to film that clearly doesn't involve the others.
Why do people think the entire cast of a show are needed to film? Different people show up for different scenes. Does y'all's entire workplace show up Everytime your work is open?
Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino has made every black woman look beautiful and Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior has as usual misunderstood the assignment, despite repeating the grade.

No wonder they stopped being partners. Filet Mignon doesn't go with spam.
Going to see the exhibit tomorrow. I can't wait.
so no rih i guess
I'm so bummed.
what's even the point without rihanna or zendaya
Oooh she went bold and shaved her head!

She has such lovely hair too !!
probably one of the most beautiful women on Earth
Wow Rih took a page out of the Minaj playbook and stayed unvaxxed......prob her and her trash bf.
I really hope shes gotta a legit excuse and not because of the vaccine req.
she's literally hosting the after party lol