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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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I wish someone would do a David Byrne homage and show up in a BIG SUIT.

In fact, just invite David Byrne.
he's there! in a regular suit
Wow, shows how much I know.

Shame about the suit. ):


2 days ago

david is there! lol


2 days ago

David Byrne is there!
elliot page did show up in a big suit but i'm not sure it was big enough to be a david byrne homage
FYI, David is there. Just in case nobody mentioned.
feels like she's doing an impression of kacey musgraves doing an impression of cher
The colour is nice and I like her makeup BUT I don't like this shilouette on her.

I spit out my water lol
i ugly laughed at this lmfaooooo stop
I'm mad this comment isn't an ONTD original.

We should invite them to join, they sound fun.
Then again after checking their username, maybe they're already here?
Is Rihanna gonna show the fuck up or what?

This has to be one of the worst Met Galas… :(
is it really? she looks like bebe rexha
I don't get it, are we sure this is her??
I thought Khloe could finally stop doing her sad yearly IG posts about how beautiful her family looks because someone threw her an invite.
where is bella hadid tho
She's probably an anti-vaxxer
ughhh i hope not
this is gonna severely limit her working possibilities
Unvaxxed at home.
Guessing her unvaxxed ass is hiding.
if she's not there, it's because she's not vaccinated lol. gigi is there so she's the only one of her siblings to be vaccinated i guess
when the influencers understand the assignment better than the more "elite" celebs

That blonde hair looks so good on her
Omg she's so hot
Jackieeeeee...her body is goals
YEssss gimme some COWGIRL!! PUT ON THE HAT


Rihanna already did this, boring
she does this same sheer dress look a lot
zoe serves a lot of "skinny or fashionable" looks
So many sheer looks tonight
Looks like it'd be a literal pain in the ass to sit down in.
so bella hadid, SJP and dua lipa are definitely not vaccinated right
bella and dua not being vaccinated isn't shocking to me at all, honestly i'm shocked gigi actually is
gigi seems to have a slightly better head on her shoulders than the rest of them tbh
i think she got papped getting it
Gigi is probably just as dumb but understands that not being vaxxed means losing money.
she probably got it for her baby, she's turning one this month
Madonna too?
SJP posted her vaccination sticker back in April/May. I think she just didn’t want to go.


2 days ago

SJP is filming "And Just Like That" right now.
Based on what Anwar was saying a few months ago, Dua and Bella not being vaccinated wouldn't be surprising at all
this kinda looks like she wished she was at the 2018 MET gala