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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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i don't love it for the theme but that dress is gorgeous, i love the way she looks like she's on fire
I was with it until I opened the photo and saw the boots.
Why wasn't she with the rest of her Throuple?

Deleted comment

The theme is American fashion is Diane von Furstenbird.
who is she?
finally someone who gets the theme #birdsarentreal
Perfectly on theme.
the moment!!
Who would play her?


1 month ago

there was a protest outside the met gala and the cops of course are huge assholes and started arresting people

Deleted comment

But then again it depends on what they are protesting lol.
good night lmaooo

i was like wait i thought kendall was wearing something sheer lmaooo
I love this. She looks great.
this is photoshopped bb
This isn't real.
Lmaoooo I was like why her hair look like that
i was watching a moderngurlz video on youtube about jackie kennedy's pink suit and apparently it was a replica of a chanel suit made with chanel fabric but sewn together in the us for her. obviously they're not referencing that look or that history here but there is some interesting history of chanel in the us
Yeah, Jackie got shit for wearing French designers over American ones so having the suit made in the US was a way to work around that.
I wish she had worn it tucked in like the model on the runway.
I feel like people are getting tricked into liking this because yes technically yellow, pink, and white match. It's a lovely color palette. But nothing else is good.

Deleted comment

this made me cringe so hard
Who is Alton? He's gorgeous.
isn't this over now? where tf is rihanna?
Amazing 15/10 A+++
he really thought he did that
did he do something to his face? it looks so different than it did a few years ago
Some of his pics recently have that recently got fillers vibe. It’s Hollywood, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting “preventative” Botox already
omg little bb Félix is there!
Omg good for him!!!
Yeah, he and his gf got there super early! I love it!
AND Leylah too what!!

gorgeousss omg

He’s cute
Aaah I can't post it but can someone post Jackie Aina? She did Anna Nicole Smith.
Thank you!!