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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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'PEG THE PATRIARCHY' is the stupidest 'feminist' message, what?!

Maria Grazia Chiuri need to go. DIOR, KICK THIS WOMAN OUT.
feels very 2014 but so does cara in general
Remember her 'WE ARE ALL FEMINISTS' white t-shirt you could be a feminist in for $900?
i hate that i love this
love the hair and makeup
I'd like this if it wasn't the Met Gala.
guys i have another class rn but i cant get the motivation to go lmaooo
I was excited until I scrolled down
The jean top/cape is great though
The more you look, the worse it gets
it really looks like hanes tighty whiteys stretched into a wedgie... and are those jelly shoes???
Someone BETTER show up in flag shorts.
Oh no sweetie, this looks like the final project for a student in a community college fashion program.
It looks so awkward.
It looks like a trapper keeper.
she won gold for this country and they make her wear THIS?
this olive-gold shade is washing her out and almost makes her look ashy? maybe it's just this pic, or the lack of oil or shimmer on her arms and legs. she could pull off so many colors, she's just beautiful, but they went and put her in this. sometimes i think designers don't care about who they're dressing. they pick a design and expect the person wearing it to deal with it.
this wouldve been cooler if she sprayed her head red

at least put a bit more effort lmao
Her tie-in was that the flag has blue on it lmao. She could NOT justify it lolol
my favorite spangled banner 😍
The color is stunning
jewel tones are for her
those cheekbones better!
sha'carri correcting kiki's pronounciation, lol
sha'carri is cancelled to me
and lil nas x is there like...i still can't believe she tweeted that bullshit
Yeah I lost respect for her after that tweet


2 days ago

lewis hamilton wears more exciting stuff to the race track than he does to the met gala, i mean ok
Law usually gives him great day to day stuff. What happened?

Keke is killing it.

gigi deserves better

(dont come 4 me bc i said that)
wait i love her hair tho
law is there but not zendaya smh
they tried
who are these people
mte lol
Lmao so sad compared to previous years