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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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I thought that was Bebe Rexha
hailee's makeup...that stylist needs to be fired immediately, it's like someone forgot to do her eyebrows after glueing them down
i thought that was fergie about to give us another remix rendition of the national anthem
both of their eye make up looks horrible
did hailee see maisie at nyfw and tell her stylist she wanted her brows?


September 14 2021, 00:47:36 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 00:48:01 UTC

Lili's look is way better, imo.
embarassing... for both of them choosing to wear those outfits.
irina’s toes 😢
i love the mess of this lol
I prefer the cut of the second one but Lili's version is more cohesive and fits with her brand.
they're both ugly dresses
I love Lili's dress. It suits her.
this is very much a 'what you ordered vs what you got'
Irina's fits so much better
lmao poor Charles

Deleted comment

Ben's mask is as sloppy as he is.
He couldn't get a better fitting mask? FOR THE MET GALA?
Honestly, it's a perfect encapsulation of who Ben is, some element of mess must remain, even when he's mostly pulled together.
I can’t deal with him doing solo red carpets for ten years and then doing couple ones ASAP with Jlo, the whiplash is real
keke FLIRTING with charles melton lolol love her
I love Michaela Coel!

i should hate this but it’s giving me a 90s vibe that is at least giving me theme lmao hmmm
Is she channeling the Gwyneth Paltrow pink dress?
I kinda love this too

she's forever penny lane to me so she makes everything feel just a teensy bit more california girl american lol
it's giving me a mix of Cher from Clueless and Paris Hilton early 2000s
Omfg I love it lol
michaela coel
Michaela coming in with the WORST tie-in to the theme omg
oh my god paloma i love her
Kim Kardashian…How is that even fun to wear? You can’t show any fun makeup or hairstyles…no jewelry…nothing.

King ❤️

He looks like he's wearing his dad's suit
Love the denim, hate the diaper
loving the makeup and hair, the demin cape/jacket/dress but the underwear? looks like diapers
I was like 🔥🔥🔥 at the hair and 😟 at the outfit
Hanes tighty whities?
lol omg
That bikini wax gotta be thorough. I could never
you know they've lasered that shit off
Lmao she got Brazilian IPL and she’s 👏🏼 letting 👏🏼 the world 👏🏼 know 👏🏼
This Rogue and Gambit fanfic realness!!!!!!
I know they can touch now in the comics...........but like I need this crackfic in my life.
i take it shes gambit