just444 (just444) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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I looove that shade of purple but its safe outfit.
That's a beautiful color but a really ugly cut
she doesn't deserve to be in purple 😡
Somehow I love Sharon Stone right now and this exchange right now
I see Camila and her sexually ambiguous companion have come as Party City Sonny and Cher.

i'm bored, can we get more fun tacky denim shit like

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Bottom left is STUNNING
I thought it was going to be Britney and Justin under the cut :(
Oooh the bottom left is stunning
I love that second look
the amount of boring old hollywood glam when things could've been so amazing and political this year is weak af
A flop. Just like America. 🇺🇸
Ummm who are you...agentsoup???????

cher cosplay is very trendy
Hmm I like Shawn's look

I love it
He's really cosplaying as Harry Styles this week.
mte. he is doing it 10 times better then him too.
It's great actually!

Love the pants/shoes.
ilana is pumping. i was wondering where she went lol keke is fucking incredible tho
Good for her!
that's what I thought!! she literally just had a baby like three months ago.
Do not like Camilla at all but she’s kind of giving me Cher vibes right now.
Looks a lot like Grimes's outfit with the design
same designer (Iris Van Herpen)
Is this supposed to be uhhhh drawing the eye RIGHT to her vagina???
shawn didn't even sound like he believed himself when he mentioend having a darker side 🥴
She's whatever but I looove that shade of purple! Shawn looks really good!
these two have made it so much longer than everyone thought they would
I think he looks good. At least he's not in a basic black suit.
I do love the purple head to toe
They just scream cheap as hell.

Yay leather. Cruelty.

Rosalia looks awful. I hate it.