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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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y'all thanks for giving me something to do while I work remotely and avoid the project i'm supposed to be doing lol
Same tbh I'm here while also troubleshooting some kind of set up lol
I had so many plans for tonight... whoops
why would you do this to ms. hepburn
ugh I hate that I love it
this is boring for her. She always shows up in something sheer
not on theme, but sure pretty
I think she looks amazing
Something is a little off with the bust/strap area. May the bust just be a little higher?
she looks beautiful, but also she could've worn this anywhere
Honestly, I thought this was the best she's ever looked and thought the dress was gorgeous until I saw it from the back and discovered her ass is completely exposed and hanging out. Maybe my age is catching up to me but it took it to the category of tacky.

Deleted comment

Should have been lined. I can't stand the visible body suit.
Honestly, they could have done so much with this theme. I think many just think of the Roaring 20's, cowboys, and denim, but they could have also gone with timeless looks from actors from the Golden Ages. I'm thinking at the top of my head that some men could have gone for something like Marlon Brando or James Dean, even Paul Newman. They're so lameeee...
I'm surprised no one leaned into the Punk era or maybe that wasn't glamorous enough. Or maybe some did and I just missed it.
I've been waiting for a punk or grunge look! I can't believe no one's done one.
They could have, but that theme was a couple of years old. I just don't remember if it was punk in the US or UK. I can't remember.
I want to say Debbie Harry did but maybe it just came across that way because she is Debbie Harry
They are all so uncreative and uninspired, despite having huge teams around them


2 days ago


2 days ago

What fresh plastic surgery is she trying to hide lol

And/or Kanye dressed her again 🙄
kanye rlly said he never wants to see her face again huh
He is styling her again 100%.
I don't get how this is Americana?
that could be anyone
Screaming @ 'when you haven't unlocked the character in the video game yet'
It is hot out there today, she has to be boiling in that.
Idek what to say.... this is terrible, she is terrible.
Is this because she said we hurt her feelings with the couch dress?
First Kanye with all the stocking over his head as Phantom of the Stadium and now this
Oh no not Shawn and Camilla....
shawn mendes with no shirt
Oh I see Lewis has arrived
well camila looks terrible
Omfg lol
Lol shame that Megan Fox picked the same bangs and wears them better.

But I don't wanna be mean to KStew all the time. So ummmm.... I like her walk and her smile is cute in this vid
oooh I need pics of this
she's got the 'i'm gonna get nominated' strut, i love it
I think I like it?
I kinda like it and she’s feeling herself
I need this stream to stop messing up before Rihanna shows up.
I just saw Shawn Mendes and thought he was attractive 😭

Maluma was a snack tho
It's hilarious how a lot of their responses are the designer is American... um??
Shawn and Caca interview. Lemme mute