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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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this is eating her up
she deserves so much better. it looks like she is holding it upright on her body. she’s very petite and is lost in the design.



3 days ago

that looks so sweaty! feel like it's wearing her, tbh.
88 pounds!!! SIX men carrying it up the stairs. She understood the assignment!!!!!!!



3 days ago

she said the dress is 88 pounds
Simoooooone!!! She looks great and she’s so tiny under all that fabric lol
Jenny from the NY block does the western look but Kacey from Texas did not! 😂😂

This is cracking me up!
omg wait did they really just give up on ilana entirely
I know, I'm confused. Maybe she was where people were walking in and most people have moved past now?
She’s somewhere pumping according to her insta
Is it ilana from broad city?
yeah she's been co-hosting the vogue stream with keke
i hate j lo's necklace so much lol

i mean her whole outfit but especially that style of necklace is so fug
lmaoooo Kanye and Kim
fucking kanye and kim.
omg this is stunning
this dress is insane. love it
me gusta.
A lot of athletes this year.

I love her so much 😭😭😭
I think they asked Ilana to clock out...
I was kind of surprised she didn’t do better. But also I think the entrance line may be too long or something lol
So did Kanye and Kim break up for

A - Publicity
B - So they could sleep around
C - For real
i feel like they really broke up but kim is realizing that after years of revolving her entire image around kanye and letting him treat her like an object people only really care about her as an extension of him, kylie and kendall have eclipsed her in terms of notoriety
I agree. You can tell that they were broken up while she was in Italy because her styling was TERRIBLE on that trip. I wonder if she didn’t try to prove to herself she didn’t need him and then realize that he does make her relevant.

Say what you will about them, but the obsessive way he styled her over the years consistently impacted pop culture.


3 days ago


3 days ago

All of the above
Simone's dress is 88 POUNDS she said.
Simone is STUNNING
She is. Just gorgeous.

But I hate the dress. Hate it.
88lbs???? And making men carry it? Iconic.
The purse..............yes
erykah babadook
Omg at first I thought her purse was shaped like a gun lol
I'm honestly shocked she is vaxxed
I’m enjoying a lot of these looks and loved Gabrielle Union.

Just spotted Kim and Kanye on the carpet and they give me such toxic vibes the way he looms.

Rita Oras date had something in that locket lol

Simone! Amazing.