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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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who dressed olivia rodrigo bc...it's not great bob
why did kendall look at audrey hepburn's iconic look and go "you know what would make this better...my bare ass..."
Y'all we need to send Keke a gift basket or something because IDK how she's able to stay so enthusiastic with some of these people lol.
Taika remains a mess.
i actually kinda like the cut of his pants but they probably look weird when he's standing normally
Well, at least he put more effort tonight and isn't in a hoodie and overalls but still...the bar remains underground.
It's his own fashion label so he's just there for himself lol
That was such a nothing answer from Justin.
oh wow sienna miller looks gorgeous. it's way prettier in motion color-wise, pinker and prettier

i like this but the silver is giving me cheap prom dress
It’s close but not close enough to Factory Girl Sienna for my tastes, which would be fitting for this imo
her venice look was way better
wish i could see this on megan thee stallion instead tbh
i love everything about this. wild wild west bb
I fucking love it.
She needs to remove like, one accessory
I thought this as Melania Trump
It’s giving Wild Wild West reboot and Jenny from the Block, screaming 1999-2009 specifically
is olivia rodrigo wearing bella hadid's body stocking from a few years back? but with added feathers?
i love lupita's look because when i heard the theme the first thing i thought of was britney and justin in all denim
This is so much better than a basic tux & a good subtle american touch. maybe I'm trash but I wish he had a bolo tie
aww this is cute, surprised we're not seeing more rockabilly looks this year
Honestly for a cishet man he did a lil something here with the curl and the subtle bolo nod. Good for him.
LOL Keke talking about the Britney/Justin denim look. "It was good for that era."
The hat???

She looks different

Meh it's boring :\
i actually like this for her oop
Far more interested in the woman behind her to her left.
oh... no :/

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